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The inside story of how Abu Hamza was arrested

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posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 09:21 AM
The inside story of how Abu Hamza was arrested
The sting web site


Even before 9/11 I had started to take a keen interest in the activities of Abu Hamza, the imam of Finsbury Park mosque and his organisation Supporters of Shariah. Soon after 9/11 I started a sting ‘honey pot’ web-site called with the help of a friend based in America.
The web-site published radical Islamic web links that led the user straight onto other terrorist sites. I used the pseudonym Pervez Khan to contact Abu Hamza, the notorious extremist cleric of Finsbury Park mosque both by email and on the phone. I contacted the operators of other extremist web sites like the Kashmir Media Service and was soon placed on their press list. When the press statements arrived I would copy and paste them into an email and post onto to Abu Hamza at Finchley Park mosque. The idea behind my sting web site was to gain an insight at what the extremist Islamic world were plotting against the non Islamic world.

The sting was already making good progress as I had given the FBI access to the web-stats of my site (now off line). Abu Hamza's web master had placed a link from his Supporters of Shariah web-site to mine and I had given the passwords to an American diplomat in Mexico who forwarded the information to the New York office of the FBI. They monitored everyone who logged onto Islamic-news from Abu Hamza's web site.*/

What many people never knew at the time and still do not know is firstly the FBI requested the Anti Terrorist Squad in London to visit my home and get a written statement giving them permission to monitor my web site traffic; and secondly that James Ujamaa Abu Hamza's web-master was based in America. He was the first person to click on the link between the two sites after he placed it to check it was working. In doing so he revealed his I.P. address, which enabled the FBI to track him down and arrest him.

Abu Hamza contacted for jihad recruitment videos

I heard nothing for a bit so I made several phone calls to Abu Hamza at the Finsbury Park mosque. I spoke with him several times. He must have been on hands free? But during the calls with my limited Arabic I made it clear to him that I wanted Jihad training tapes to show other Muslims in the south of England who I could recruit and send to his mosque and to Pakistan to fight Jihad in Kashmir and Afghanistan. I would say: “as salaamu alaikum – Can I speak to Sheikh Abu Hamza. It's Pervez Khan, from Islamic news. I need to speak in private”. I would be put on hold and then Abu Hamza would come on the phone. I would say again “as salaamu alaikum Sheikh, I'm the owner and editor in chief of as you can see we think you are doing great work we have placed your website link on our front page and we thank you for placing our link at the top of your links page. We want to help you but to do so we need your help to recruit people for the mujahideen. We want to run several local meetings in my brother’s house and invite a group of hand picked friends from the local mosques. We want to play your video lectures and recruitment tapes to help recruit brothers for both you and my brother’s work in Kashmir with the mujahideen.

Hamza was very strange. He prayed down the phone in a manner that made me think he was quite mad. He thanked me for being a good Muslim and supporting the Jihad. Hamza was not there every time I rang Finchley Park mosque.

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