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JOHN on Youtube and some unanswered ?s

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posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 04:17 AM
I have been catching up on all the old coast to coast shows with John on Youtube... What a great way to spend the last hour of waking before dreamtime! I am halfway disappointed that I left Las Vegas 2 months ago and started all this digging... but after 6 years in the desert I am sure I would have never run into him. I will be back in 08 because that city is HOME!

I have become a real fan of the Anunnaki story and concept, Jason Martell seems to be doing a real good job as of late spreading the ancient technology concepts.

BUT, I have never heard John speak about them> WHAT do you think JOHN?

It's close to impossible to find "truth" on the internet about these subjects, but some how I have been weeding through the "jackasses" that want their 15 mins of fame - trying to get to some real understanding of all of this. I was very into the concept of the illuminati about 15 years ago and alot has been re kindled as of late. Right before I left Vegas for the summer I spent a few days with a drummer from a famous rock band who clued me into all this... I am sure many know who I am speaking about. Thanks to him I am neck deep into all this again

All the best for your kewl info,
Jay Blaq
bet it all on blaq

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