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Fossett's plane missing

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posted on Sep, 4 2007 @ 06:24 PM
Steve Fossett took off yesterday morning from the Flying M Ranch in Nevada
and has not returned.

The best link for the most up to date info

[edit on 4-9-2007 by Skydancer]

posted on Sep, 4 2007 @ 06:38 PM
Hey Skydancer, You may be intersted is also looking a this Breaking news thread on the same topic,

Maybe this thread could deal with some of the issues surrounding this?

posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 11:41 PM
Before I go to the thread,

you can see the N-Tap the FAA would have to locate the plane

if he called into the FAA like JFK JR did to get the above 3D plot.

Always be a careful pilot like JFK JR was.

Don't believe in Nazi lies.

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