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The Bush book - full of fact or fiction?

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posted on Sep, 4 2007 @ 02:29 PM
Today a book entitled "Dead certain - The precidency of George W. Bush" by Robert Draper hits the streets.

It's reported that the book should reveal a soft man who often cries by the shoulder of God.
Now this is a far different man than what he's often portrayed here or believed by many to be (myself included).

Has any of you already gone and bought it and can give some interesting feedback on it? Or are there any deeper interviews with either the president himself or mr. Draper about this book?

The first thing I noticed was that mr. Draper only spent 6 hours with the president. Not being an author myself I can't tell wether that is a normal amount of time, even when dealing with the "most powerful" man in the world.

The following text is a translation of the article about the book release brought by a Danish paper. (Pardon the Danish-english
) :

Bush: I cry a lot

New book goes in close on the American president who admits that he easily find selfpity and has easy to tears.

Even though he on the surface seems determined and immovable - a uncompromising "decissionmaker" and "warpresident" - George W. Bush is still worried how the following talk around his eight years in The Whitehouse will be.

This reveals the American leader in the book "Dead Certain" which today hits the streets in the USA. The book is unusual because Bush out of the norm completely lowers his guard and let's the writer come close to the person with the world's most powerful job.

A lonely job
And it's not an easy job, if you are to believe George W. Bush, whom for long has had to battle historicly low polls: It's lonely on the top, people don't understand him and often selfpity imposes itself on him.

- Selfpity is the worst thing that can happen to a president. It's a job where you can feel a lot of selfpity, he says and adds that his wife Laura once in a while has to remind him that it was himself that wanted the job to begin with.

God's shoulder
George W. Bush also tells that he has cried quite a few tears as president.

- I cry by God's shoulder, and I cry a whole lot. I probably cried more tears than you can count, he says.

Hotdogs og icecream
The book is written by the author Robert Draper, who spent six hours in the company of the president. Bush seemed at first uncommited, like he didn't care, but after a while getting warmed up his interest in the project rose, Draper tells.

- I really want you to understand me. This damn book has to turn out good, Bush said more and more often to the writer, whom also had the pleasure of eating the presidents favourite lunch: hotdogs with icecream for dessert.

Lovely house in Dallas
Even though Bush denies having time to think about life after The Whitehouse he still admits to having started planning his retirement. Not surprisingly he will enjoy it in Texas

You see, Bush tells, that he and Laura will have a ’lovely house' in Dallas, from where he will lead a 'fantastic institute of freedom', that shall promote democracy in the whole world. But as he says:

- I can also imagine that I will get bored and jump in the car and drive down to the ranch.

Reported by Ekstra Bladet

It sure does make you think doesn't it? Maybe the ol' guy is gonne leave peacefully. But then again I'm sure his "institute of freemdom" could just be another "thing" in the works?
I would love to read exactly how he talked about this in the book.

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posted on Sep, 4 2007 @ 02:46 PM
A few more links covered in English:

Washington Post

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