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There is no deadline!

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posted on Sep, 4 2007 @ 11:01 AM
First of all I apologise for my bad english, some sentences may have grammar mistakes.
On this and on another forums I read many deadline-topics on a supposed "End-of-the-world" or "Alien-Attack". Besides, I met some people who really are afraid of "Marduk event".
First of all let me tell you a real archeologocal finding: Recently they found in Greece an ancient tablet on morality. A sentence was exactly like this: "Today's youth has no moral value. Our Society is going to dissolve."
Are these familiar? Yes; some thought patterns doesn't change. So is the apocalyptic fears of an "expectation of any kind of Armaggedon". Such fears belong to basic psychological mechanism of mind. It is a kind of defense mechanism.
Real conspiracy would be the environment who allow to spread such fears. Is it maybe because they dont want people to handle on real issues on the world? I wanted to hear your opinions and suggestions on this. Thanks.

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