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We got any Warhammer Fans here ?

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posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 11:56 AM
Hey every one i was just wondering if we have Warhammer fans here.

I collect High elves, there my main army at the moment.

I usely send low impact infantry up the middle to slow the enemy, then use un-believably hard hitting mounted units to fly round the right flank and behind, then lay down archery fire to every thing that trys to flank me, make my opponent do a rush move to the left, at that point i charge my chariots in and then i am flaking him by every angle, no possible way of winning for him/her.

I also have a large number of Urak -kai (spelt wrong) i dont fight alot with them and have no real tatics, mainly fly every thing up through the nearest cover and try to flank one side, works 9/10 so never really devolped major tatics.

i considering collecting, Skaven, Bretonia, Tomb Kings, Wood elves or Orcs and gobo's. So if there are any collectors of them out there, please give me some advise.

Take Care, Vix


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