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Evolution of

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posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 10:11 AM
I was just thinking that every living thing and some non living things evolve to help them in there natural eviroment. Humans have constantly evovled for millions of years to become the strong race that we are now.

The Greys/ The Eben:

This is a very very bad, yet close, out line of a Grey

What evolutionary purpose could a big head, skinny body, big dark eyes, fragile body and grey skin. A big head would put alot of presure on the back and create problems with standing up-right. Skinny body would refer to not enough of there food substance or a very very fast motabilisum. Big open eyes, wuldnt they eb open to infection, unless they work much liek our own and have a protective shield over them. Grey skin colour would make me think maybe...bad blood circulation, or grey blood maybe.

Praying Mantis Alien:

This is a picture of what the Praying mantis alien is ment to look like.

Basicly this race of aliens are what we call Praying Mantis, so i guess they may originate from a planet evry much like our own, except instead of us (humans) becoming the giant super race on there planet, they did. So i guess alot of there fetures would be nessercery, except how would/could you make such techincal machines wth such terrible arm/hand designs, maybe organic technology i guess.

Thats all i have so far, il try to find some more. Im not sure if thisis for Alien section or Medical Section, Hope you enjoy the post.

Take Care, Vix

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