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Are Malevolent, Evil UFO's Causing All kinds Of Problems In The World?

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posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 06:50 PM
Thanks for sharing that experience with us timetraveler!! I've always believed that we were being used or farmed in some way.. I also always assumed that we were more of a vacation/holiday planet.. Meaning, from your experience, a drug induced holiday getaway (I'm not being sarcastic) and what I believed just time traveling fun.. Meaning, if we had the ability to time travel, would we want to go and witness all of the major events of the world??

I know that Christians would want to observe some aspects of Jesus' life and probably his crucifixion. Historians would want to go back and view major events in history such as the world wars, Hitler in action and other major events, etc.. You get the idea..

So, I would expect that if the aliens were not causing the dramas, they were merely reliving it via their vacation program of events in our history.. Who knows, anything is possible and fun to think about!! But, these 2 ideas I believe are very plausible, the causing/observing events and harvesting us for something either as visual entertainment or as some type of consumable.

posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 07:23 PM
reply to post by shadow_D

Thanks for the thoughtful reply, shadow_D. Everytime someone brings up some new aspect of what I am saying, it ignites more memories of that event.

I cannot seem to explain this in a way that makes sense to me, but it was as though someone was flipping pages in a book really really fast or shuffling cards or something like that. I received all kinds of information.

One of the things about which you reminded me is something that may offend people who call themselves religious, especially Christians.

So, to all those who may be offended: I apologize in advance, and perhaps you should read no further.

Here goes:

Apparently, Jesus is literally out of this world, but not in a God sense. It seems he was kind of 'freeze-dried' ( I am sorry if this is offensive but I need to explain this) and then planted into the person we know as Mary.

The reason for this has to do with the Depanoid. He is the antidote for these goofballs but his teachings have been all goofed up by these perverted parasites.

Basically, he is saying that we need to be at Peace with ourselves and that is one message even the Depanoid have not managed to erase. Wasn't he always saying things like "My Peace I give you", "Go in Peace",...and things like that?

He is showing us the way to get rid of what we now call "the Devil" but in reality are just these goofy parasites which I could easily picture as a demon. I saw one myself. The goofball had orange glowing eyes in my flashlight beam and ...well anyway, I think I already explained it. The other interesting thing is that a lot of their craft are black but they glow orange in the sky. Black and orange. Plus one of them was pointed, almost like a witches black hat but not quite. Don't we associate those colors and things with witches and halloween and whatever? I mean witches in a bad sense, not the Wicca who are very spiritual in my understanding.

Anyway, there are so many memories activating in me right now. It's really hard to grab onto just one idea, it almost seems as though I need to explain one before i get another one. Something like that.

What a trip. Those goofballs really messed up thinking I would go with them. That just pleases me no end,let me tell you. They CAN make mistakes. Goofballs.

The point I am making about Jesus is that he is the Master that can show us how to get out of our predicament. Without conflict, these goofballs have no drugs. Peace is the way. And actually, it's the ONLY way to get rid of these monsters who are provoking us and causing pain for their own selfish drug-induced pleasure at our tragic expense.

The teachings of Jesus, regarding being at Peace, show us the only way to force the 'demons' off our planet. Kind of funny, isn't it? "The TRUE Teachings of Jesus = Peace of Mind = The One Way to Rid Us of the 'demons'. Then We Live As If In Heaven."


Jesus = "The One Way To Heaven". The goofballs perverted the "Real Story".

The Christians have the correct information, yet they do not seem to actually know how to handle the information they have. This is not a judgement, merely an observation. I have no ill will toward anyone, and I regard us all as being in the same boat, together. We need to be together on this to get these vermin the hell off our planet. So to speak.

Peace to you, shadow_D, and Peace On Earth. Good Will Toward All.

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 04:07 PM
I believe there is a deep but irrational human need to blame bad things on evil entities, in this case aliens and UFOs, did not our ancestors blame bad harvests/ weather on gods and spirits, and did they not blame demons and various other other invisible evil creatures for deaths, madness and ailments in people ?

Superstition is a irrational belief based on ignorance and fear, we should move on from it.

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