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Blowby - oil into the airfilter + Motorbike

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posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 03:34 AM
Hey guys, im a long time reader, first time poster!
one thing im not savvy on, is Automotive!:bnghd:

Ok, so my suzuki across 98 is starting to cough some oil into the airfilter.
the mechanice says its not a problem, but id rather have it fixed before it BECAME A problem.

If I rev the motor hard enough, a bit of smoke burns out the exhaust, and u can see small black droplets on the tail pipe.

the best I could find was yadda:
but Id bee keen if anyone had any first hand info on the situation.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 07:11 AM
if you're getting blow by you're losing compression(blow by is actually compression 'blowing by' the pistons....
not good thats for sure. shoudln't be puking oil drops out the pipe....
some big trucks actually set their air filters in an 'oil bath' but bikes don't operate like that.

had a compression test done? thats first step.

look at piston rings for the culprit

edit* just wanted to say that blow by is the first thing i check for...i just bought an impala and i had it running and i took off the valve cover cap...put my hand over the hole looking for oil droplets......the salesman didn't know what the hell i was doing....

always the first thing i check.

if your mechanic said it's not a problem, i'd be going to another mechanic...
did it do that when it was new? did it do that last year?
then it's a problem.

seriously, you have compression blowing rings, maybe a hone and you'll be good to go

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