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Liar Strieber

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posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 01:39 PM
Let me preface by saying I personally don't believe there to be anything skunkish (outrageously speculative) about this thread, but it's such a scary dragon of a sensitive notion that I figured it'd do well here anyway...

I e-mailed Whitley Strieber on June 21 regarding the serious quest for veracity indicated herein. I got a reply from him (wstrieber at Yahoo) that oddly enough went to my spam folder. Even more odd that I thought to look in there. It was signed by (an alleged) Al Harlow. I absent-mindedly trashed it, but I hope, if necessary, I can get with a more computer-savvy person than I who can dig it out of the deleted trash cache or whatever... He perceived my question/proposal below as a possible death threat. Can that scream guilty conscience any louder?

So his next journal entry (about the August 18 craze) is the most paranoid nonsense ever that, as I see it, exposed him as either an outright government agent or someone so obsessively obsequious to the government (exactly as we know it/them now) that he might as well be one of them. If he's not, he would be the type over whom the Spooks have their masturbatory fantasies (or effectively so)... Here it is:

Anyway, the real point of this is to expose Strieber as at least a part-time liar. It's unknown how many of his alleged experiences are true or false, but I'll wager big that not all are true. I invoke the following (except now in question form) concerning people like Betty Andreasson and him:

As anyone from anywhere is your witness and upon your immediate death by extreme physical torture if you lie or mislead, is everything you've stated regarding your extraordinary experiences true to the best of your perception?

When endeavoring to retrieve the vital facts of the currently-unknown that will improve the human and ecological conditions, it's inexpressably important to first properly determine that which is, in fact, true; or comes as close to believable truth as possible with a very strong verbal oath (barring strong enough corroberative evidence to begin with). No worries here about perceived death threats... Or, if truly applicable, what kind of psychosis or severe neurosis is it that causes one who's had such (purportedly) mind-blowingly unexplained experiences to not be able to answer in the affirmative to the question above? And what kind of psychosis and/or indescribably patrician cynicism is it that believes the public in any way needs or deserves such disinformation?

Mod or admin please move this to the more appropriate board, if applicable.

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posted on Sep, 4 2007 @ 09:28 AM
Some recent Strieber talk:

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