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The explosions heard just before the collapse of the towers.

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posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 07:16 AM
Watch this movie at

There were many rumours of explosions heard by federal agents, policemen, firemen, civilians, a few moments before the towers collapsed.
The location of these explosions of where those witnesses speak are at the base of the towers as well as higher up.
In this film you see the witnesses talking about those explosions and there possible cause.
You hear those explosions very well.

I wander, what can be the real cause of all those explosions of where so many witnesses tell?
What are the other possibilitys bisides bombs.
What is your take on this.

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posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 01:02 PM
Heres a huge problem with the explosions, we KNOW they happened. people will vehemently deny the fact because they have an agenda, let me elaborate:
1. The news broadcasts live, lots of people know about the explosions.
2. 911 passes, CT's are born
3. These CT's (in the beginging) revolve around CD's and missing flight 77
4. Ct'ers build a huge case for CD
5. People dont believe the CD theory and begin to 'debunk' it.
6. in the meantime, the explosions support the CD theory so one way to 'debunk' CD is do deny the explosions.

now, why is the media coverage of the explosions downplayed? there are many possible and plausible answers but the CT'ers scream 'COVER UP' and the OCT'ers scream 'NO EXPLOSIONS'.

just because the media does not concentrate on the explosions does not mean they didnt happen or that there is a coverup, and just because there were explosions does not mean there was a CD.

Now, the real problem for both side is this:

you can sit here on the internet all day and night and never get to the bottom of it. An INDEPENDANT UNBIASED analysis of the steel from ground zero will tell the tale forensicaly. the steel is missing.

WHAT was in the steel is the question to ask. not WHY is it missing. that implies cover up but proves nothing. WHERE is the steel? it is a great question but wont forensicaly solve the crime. WHO took the steel? Great question but wont prove anything. WHEN was the steel removed? great question, again implies coverup but shows nothing as 'proof'

Now, lets ask about the explosions?
WHAT caused them is the million dollar question. Thats why i mentioned the steel first. Its the only unbiased witness. the other W's cant help us in this case either.

Which brings us to the next dilema. What caused the explosions is a good question, what could have caused them is a ludacris question.

In the OJ trial (citing a mass media case so most are familiar), they did not ask what could have caused the death of ron goldman and nicole simpson. That would be absurd.

So you have CT'ers running around speculating on what could have caused the collapse, and thats so easy to debunk.

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