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Sydney's 'Great Wall of Apec' to protect world leaders

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posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 02:54 AM

Sydney's 'Great Wall of Apec' to protect world leaders

Police expect the protests to be violent and have barred 29 known protesters from the centre of Sydney and warned demonstrators not to march near the Apec summit venue.

Twenty-one leaders are to attend the Apec meeting, which starts on Saturday.

Many Sydneysiders have criticised Apec security, claiming it will turn the city's inner city into a fortress.
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posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 02:54 AM
This is something to look out for. It is not the possible results the summit will reach, I mean, but the unfortunate havoc it is bound to create.

People of Sydney don't take globalization lightly, and they've never been known to go easy on any NWO agenda.

After all Sydney is the old penal colony of Botany Bay and the dungeons on the Rocks are still there, so why not turn it into an inhabited tourist attraction.

Only joking, I wish the best for peaceful demonstration, but also they'll be heard and seen all over the world.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 09:33 PM
Howard posts YouTube Apec appeal

Australian Prime Minister John Howard has posted a video on YouTube appealing to people not to join violent protests during the Apec summit in Sydney.

The city is hosting the gathering of 21 world leaders amid massive security.

Some are calling it Fortress Sydney, such is the scale of the operation to protect Australia's biggest ever gathering of world leaders.

Protest-proof fences have been erected close to the Opera House and other sites where meetings are taking place.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Here's the video.

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posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 08:02 AM
Well...what can i say?

Well, i can say that John Howard has tipped the balance in his favour for my vote....Again.

The video is a masterpiece, it provides you with information on what APEC is, their goals, an apology for what will happen and oh so much more.

John Howard has been Prime Minister for a long time, i, for one, hope it continues. Especially if he can get it into gear.

To look at the video, ill cut it up into a few quotes which i think are important.

"The Asia Pacific is the fastest growing, and most dynamic region in the world."

The Asia pacific, and APEC as a whole, can truly show what a united world can do.

Consider, China and Japan were fighting for thousands of years, America, Australia and Russia all fought Japan in World War 2, Russia and Japan has fought many times and One of their wars was the first time a modern Asian country defeated a modern European one in combat.

All of this, and yet we are now allies.

All those who combat globalism will do well to look to the outcomes of this meeting. Those who worry about a loss of culture will notice that Australia is Multicultural, and yet still has its own unique culture which shines through.

"will provide us with a unique oppertunity to influence decision makers on things that matter to the Australian people."

As an Aussie i have to say "And about time too"

But seriously, many things that the Australians have done recently have been ignored by the world as a whole.

People criticised the Live earth concert as an effective method of influencing climate change. What they fail to understand is that Live Earth was an attempt to add popular culture to those who supported the climate change movement.

yet the people of Sydney did something different, which was ignored. We had Earth Hour. The people of Sydney shut out their lights (at least) for an hour. As a way to tell the government and the world that we are prepared to sacrifice for our planet.

Im trying to be as unbiased as i can be when i say "the world should follow our example". Multiculturalism, APEC, Earth Hour...the list goes on. Australia knows how to sacrifice for what needs to be done.

"Multilateral trade, global buisness development, regional security, public health and energy security"

the only thing i disagree with in that list is global buisness development.

ill get to that in a moment.

Multilateral trade, this means that trade will be more efficient and economies will be more rigidly controlled, allowing the government to waste less money on unknown trade deals and spend the money saved on the people.

Regional security is an issue, i think the American president will advocate for more strikes at the heart while the other nations try to adopt more of a personal defence attitude.

If the meeting goes as i hope, perhaps we can convince the American government that a 'War on terror' is futile, because you cannot fight what you cannot find or see.

Security should concentrate itself on diplomatic resolutions to the 'terrorism problem'.

Not much to say about public health, i think though that some mention of the Movie 'Sicko' will be made to the countries who dont have a socialist medical practice.

Energy security, this is an issue i hope to be resolved. I think a solution i would be most happy with is that 60% of each nations power should be off clean energy sources by 2015 at the latest. With a pledge to continue the trend beyond that.

Buisness im not really that fond of, simply because not much will be changed. big buisneses will get bigger, *yawn*

Now, if they began to assert some control over buisneses such as the Tobacco suppliers then i would be happy. But i doubt that will happen.

" In march of this year i wrote to all APEC leaders, putting clean energy and climate change at the top of this years APEC agenda"

This is where Johnny got my vote. This is a sorely needed change, one which can hardly be contested by any individual which calls themselves 'human'. I think the meeting will mainly be concerned with the US, China and Russia, the 3 main energy consumers.

It will probably be a free clean energy trade agreement, where any advancements in the field of clean energy will be freely shared to all APEC nations., along with the pledge i said before.

They, and the APEC taskforce, have been planning for more than 2 years..

Today, a friend of mine who works in the city said that there were police doing some last minute training on the scene. Pulling over random cars for searches. She said it was done well, and done quickly and very professionally.

Please be understanding over the coming days while we host this great event for Australia

This is a great little piece. I dont remember the last time any government has hosted something like this, then apologised in advance for any trouble it causes in the name of security.

"I simply ask them to stop for a moment and consider, that if they are worried about issues such as poverty, security and climate change then they should support APEC, not attack it"

This is a good statement, Mr Howard echoes my thoughts perfectly. The APEC meeting, if it lives up to the hype and isnt dominated by any one power, will be a good change. Also, im sure that once the decisions are made, they will be made public, and anything the people find to be unsatisfactory, they can change through peaceful petition and protest.

Mr Howard has a respect for peaceful protest, violent protest solves nothing.

Im confident that the world will look upon Australia and Sydney, as APEC's host, and recognise the vibrant, friendly and outward looking character of the Australian people.

you can keep the flattery coming, mr Howard, i dont mind

But im sure this will happen too.

In conclusion, i think this meeting will be a good one. It shows the world what can be achieved when nations who have fought each other once come together for the specific purpose of bettering the economy, and the people.

Im sure that Australian police and security will be able to stop any violence. If the slim chance of a terrorist attack comes in, though. I sincerly hope that it will be stopped.

This oppertunity is too good to be lost. If time was allowed im sure the hand of peace and rationality will be extended to all of the world, friend or foe.

(thanks Nowayreally, love you lots

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 08:37 AM
The Aftermath

Apec security leaves bitter taste in Sydney

After Sydney hosted the 2000 Olympics, a compelling case could be made for holding the games in the city every four years, such was the panache and energy which pulsated through its staging. After Apec, most Sydneysiders are saying "Never again".


Like many, he is incensed by what he regards as the needlessly aggressive and restrictive policing, which carried a heftier security price tag than the 16-day-long Olympics and led to the construction of the 5km ( three mile) "great wall of Sydney".

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

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posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 09:20 AM
Bah, The distaste has been Hyped.

I would like to point out that i watched as a guy ran up to a policeman and clubbed him over the head with an iron bar.

He then complained about Police brutality when he was tackled.

the media has been concerned only with the bad peoples reaction, becuase this is 'more interesting'


I want to say that i live less than 20 minutes away from Stadium Australia where the Olympics were held, i never EVER had a problem during the Olympics of transportation, and i live on Victoria Road!!

People are hyping the "Lack of space" issue because its fashionable, it really wasnt so bad.

Trying to get into the City is difficult anyway, this way we got a public holiday out of it

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