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Evolution happened this decade.

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posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 01:10 PM
These Reptiles evolved , alongside with a variety of Amphibians and water lizards away from the oceans and their water life , which was full of activity . When Humans came out of water , your evolution Jumped Billlions Of Years . When Human Crawled On Land , They Were In The Form Of What LQQked Like Crocodiles . If You Examine The Back Or The Spinal Columns of Humans , You Can See Knots Up And Down The Spinal Columin . Millions Of Years Ago , It Was A Fin . This Fin Or Sail Was Used To Conduct Heat And Regulate Heat , And The Body Had To Mutate . Behemoth ,mankind to this day still has at the end his spinal column , an extension called a coccyx . that is a tail ; as well as wings under the arms , and webbed hands . This Human developed from what you would call a dinosaur today . This dinosaur was called Dimetrodon . It got its name from it , having that which is unique , that being two sets of teeth .

No other animals had two sets of teeth . The Dimetrodon lived about 60-300 hundred million years ago , which means that it lived at the end of the Paleozoic Eza . Dimetridon was a large meat-eating reptile , which measured some ten to twelve feet from nose to tail , and five feet in hegight ; which explains why many humans have a craving for flesh .When Dimetrodon , who was of the Paleozoic Era . ruled this deadly creature roamed the valley before the dinosaurs of the Mesozoic Exa . The Dimerodon was the first to ever inhabits the land .It was a warm-blooded reptile . Dimertrodon in a deadly reptile known for the enormous sail on its back .This sail was used for the purpose of regulating body heat .

By turning the Sail to face the Sun, the Dimetrondon was able to warm up much more quickly , In about a little less than an hour , which allowed the Dimetrodon more time to hunt . A reptile can't stay active if it is too hot ;however , without the heat , reptiles necome more sluggish , still and helpless . But mammals can regulate the heat of their bodies necause they are warm-blooded . Dimertrodon is not an ordinary reptile . The resemblance between Humans and Dimetrondon was the teeth . Both Human and Dimertrodon have 2 set of teeth which were the Incisors , Canines and different sized teeth behind the Canines . This isonly found on Mammals . 360,000,000 million years before Dimetrodon some creatures crawled out of the ocean , which were early Amphibians . Within 20,000,000 million years they split into 2 groups .

One became the aggressive species , which were the Diapsid ; and the other one was the passive Synapsid . They began to compete for supremacy . From generation to generation , each line improved and perfected itself .When the Diapsids and Synapsids moved further up the evolutionary chain they began to split in different directions , The Diapsids had two holes , two openings in the skull , which evolved into all modern reptilians , such as turtles , crocodiles , alligators , lizards etc ; While the Synapsids had a single hole in the back of their skull . Which evolved into all proto-mammals such as Dimetrodon , Armadillo , Whale , Dogs , Cows , Human , and all other mammals that evolved in this line .

The two holes allowed the skull not to squeeze the brain . Proto-mammals were changing from Reptilian to Mammalian , and from a mammal-like Reptilian posture . They took possession of the land masses for 50,000,000 million years and dominated the planet . Dimetrodon's first descendants were hot-blooded . This was a detour in evolution . They took steps from Reptilian to Mammalin . The Dinosaurs started to take control and the proto-mammals began to disappear , In the Triassic period , 245.000.000 million years ago . Thus , larger ,more vulnerable animals began a long conquest , and pushed proto-mammals to the brinkof extinction .

The lizard-like Ophiacadon and the warm-blooded Dimetrodon reducced in size . Proto-mammals had to adapt to night life becoming nocturnal hunters . As proto-mammals began to mutate , and evolute out of its present states , the size of their brain grew. During this time . Extra - Terrestrials had leaped in and started breeding also . Although life evolved from the seas , all of it did not originate there . Some lifeforms crashed in the seas of Tiamat from the Maldek incident ; particularly from the Ninga star fleet . They being from another star constellation , and they lived under the seas of Tiamat .

These other lifeform were beings known as the Troglodytes . or Maldekkians , which crashed down on Tiamat . One of the four Maldekian crafts , called the West Wind , crashed into the center of the Planet Earth . These beings lived in the seas of Tiamat / Earth for millions of years , Their home base is under the Bermuda Triangle ,They set up kingdom called Yams under the waters , The Maldekians developed intelligent humanoids abducting and mixing their seed with humans . This is where the Reptilian like dinosaurs came from , While on one hand there was another set of Extraterrestrial beings like the Greys from which some of the Dinosaurs evolved from

These Greys came from the star constellations Orion , the star constellation of Arcturus and Pleiades mean while , the Reptilians ruled them from Rigel and Betelgeuse , Belletrax Mintaka , Alnilam , and Alnitak in the Orion star constellation and Auriga in the Cappella star formation , They were all in fear of the aggressive insect-type Extraterrestrial from Abdromeda many of which came down to this planet Earth . One of the common species of Dinosaurs that evolved from the Rumardian seed of Greys was the Hypsilophodon who came out of the Jutassic Period .

They were called Hypsilophodon because of their '' High-Ridge Teeth '. They Hypsilophodon were herbivores . They only eat plants and fruits extracting the neeeded chlorine . The most common Dinosaurs that evolved from the Reptilians were the Tyrannnosaurus Rex , meaming '' Tyrant Reptile '' or Terrible Lizard . It is 50 feet long and 20 feet in height and weighed 7 tons . it was the largest carnivore that ever walk ed the Planet / Tiamat / Earth . This creature is known to be the king of the meat eater . The Tyrannosaurus Rex came out of the Reptilian making them part Dinosaur and part Reptilians .

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 01:11 PM
The Evolutionary Humin )
Alongside the Dinosaur , you had the Evolutionary Humim . Amongst the different species of Evolutionary Humim , you have the Australopithecines . There were 2 forms of Australopithecines that could walk and were erecr . Their brain was 1/3rd the size of a modern Human's brain . The smaller ones stood about 4feet tall and weighed between 50 to 100 pounds . This was your orignal Pygmy , Ki****e and Hawilahite tribe which your mother Hawwah / Eve come from . They Had Nine Ether Hair . The larger ones were 7 feet and weighed 222 to 250 pounds . This was your original Watusi , Cu****e tribe

which Kadmon / Adam came from . They had eight ether hair . They were the gaints in the earth , All other humans had 6 ether hair as other animals of this planet Earth 9 ether hair is a symbol of an Extraterrestrial being , all animals and humans on this planet have 6 ether hair . Kadmon / Zakar , also known as Adam was also a mixture Hindu , the original Black man mixed with a Shaggy , which is another set of beings that were coming to Earth from the Sirius star constellation

These Shaggies were not your hairy Bigfoot creatires . They came from the planet '' Eduma '' in the constellation of Sirius . Along with thesw Shaggies , the Greys also came from the same star constellation -from Zeta Reticuli called Sirus B for bioogical emitity . The Rumardians called Greys came from the planet Pleiades and Arcturus . When Nibru passed by Sirius B, Its presence drained the energy from the Sun and caused this great star , Sirius B , to collapse . Sirius A had two planets . The Naarians , an independent species of Greys , were on one planet and the Numos , Nommus . Reptilians were on the other , Both planets rotated around Sirius A .

So when their Sun died , the Naarians floowed Nibiru through the Milky Way . While in pursuit . these beings , the Reptilains , chased the Greys . the Rumardians who also lived on Sirius because they wanted to rule over them and use them as slaves . Some of the Rumardian came down to the planet Earth from Zeta Reticuli , Both beings ,the Nommus and the Rumardian took residence on the Planet Tiamat / Earth . When the Reptilain came , They tried to appeal to the Maldekians , Troglodytes , that were living in the seas from the crash down , that happened years ago . because they were of their seed . However , these Maldekians who lived beneath the seas of the planes Earth had a very violent nature.

The Reptilains had to take residence in caverns beneath the surface of the Earth or in deep swamp areas in the planet Earth . They set out to the planet Earth . They set out to conquer the Rumardians and take rule over them because of their passive nature Some of the Rumardians came down to the planet Earth from Zeta Reticuli . They went directly to the original Pygmy tribe of Bushmen in South Africa who were the Ki****es , Cu****es and the Hawilahites . They lived amongst these beings and the Rumardian taught this tribe of the Anunnaqi , and the beings from the Star Sirius ,

The Cu****es and the Hawilahites became a mixture of these Supernatural beings or Extraterrestrial Being . These supernatural beings are the Rumardians , Greys , That existed in the Nile River of the Barren and rocky land of Nuba . They were associated with peace and harmony only . The Pygmies called these supernatural being Bahur Malukaat , or '' River Angels . '' They lived in underwater castles categories of human preoccupations ; fertility , cultivation , Marriage and health . Then on the arrival of the Reptilians-who in pursuit of the Rumardians also crashed down amongst the Dogon Tribes . And began to teach them by shadow hours and would retreat so the sea by day .

They told them they were the Nummos who had come to guide them if they would tell them the location of the secret caves that the agreeable Rumardians dwelled in . These Bushmen , the Ki****es , Cu****es were of the family of Nekaynaw , including the Dogon Tribe . Today they live in the Desserts of the Kalahari , in what is called Africa today . The Nummos / Reptilians were called Dogri . ot Dogir by the Nubians . They were also referred to as the '' Ugly '' Water Being .The Reptilains can be seen in daylight , however , they would roam mostly in the deep dark swamps and the marshlands . They took on different forms to appeal to the Humans .

They had a very violent nature, which horrified most of these people . They alwats came out at the Shadow Hour = NighTime , and hung around date trees . The Dogri enjoyed eating the dates of the trees . The also came omto land during the shadow hours = nightime to teach and mix with the Dogons . They would kidnap the virgins and rape them to implant their seed .It became a ritual to offer virgins in order to prevent the bloodshed . A negotiator was elected called a Hogon . Every 60 years they would seek these virgins .The , in turn ,led to female child sacrifcial rituals .

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 01:12 PM
To these serpent people , becoming willing blood sacrifices to what became known as Ha -Satan , the head of the Reptilians tribes , also called Shaytaan . became a common practice and like an honor and a way to appease these malevolent beings . The Dogons of Mali in West . Africa speak and teach what they have been taught by these two tribes of Extraterresttial to this very day . The Reptilains told the people of Nubis that they were lawgiveners and the people called Nommus , which is Summon , Naar Samuwm , ''poison ''in Syriac /Arabic , as found in the '' Garun = Qur'aan . They taught them about calculation and about the Sigui a 60 year period . Rhey also lived in underwater cities linked to caverns deep in that Earth . You have 8 caverns occupied by Extraterrestrials . This does not include Agharrta .

The ruling species of the underwater are many Duwaanis called Gnomes , which stand 3 feet tall and have porcupine - like quills protruding from their bodies . They live near lava and other volcanic environments . They live off insects and worms . They are extremely intelligent , taking pride in mastering all of the science and literature of the surface people . There was A Duwaani who could recite all of William Shakespeare . He new the best of wines from the seventeenth century up . He could discuss everything from the Koran , the Baghava , Gita , Upanishads , Torah on to Sigmund Freud and the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright .

They are extremely friendly and are of no threat to human beings . Yet , they have on interest in co-existing with human beings on the surface who they see as killers without purpose . Next there's the Saamiyn , Dero , called Ganesha by the Hindus , who are born by hatching from eggs that are four to six feet in diameter . They grow to 7 feet and are extremely obese , having 2 stomachs ; and they chewth the cud . The Saamiyn , Dero has no apparent fingernails , or toenails , nipples or navel or rectum . They regurgitate their food . Their eyes are light blue .

They have blonde eyebrow and pinkish-gray colored skin much like the corpse of a Caucasian their home was in caverns beneath Turkey . Having not been exposed to the inner or outer sun . They have no teeth ,but their mouth appears to be full of a gummy , slimy substance . They are nocturnal and hear extremely well . They're not very peaceful and have a great dislike for humans They are very human in appearance , yet far from it . They have a long trunk-like nose , much like an Elephant . They contend that the planet Earth is their originally . and it will be their again one day .

The Saamiyn Dero , are constantly in conflict with the Duwaani , who hold the same faith that they were both the original owners of the planet Earth . While on the surface , on the other side of the Red Sea , eastward of Eden in Chaldea , the demon being Shiva , Vishnu , and Brahma, were coming back and forth to Earth from their star constellation Procyon , the planet Nirvana , for thousand of Earth years . They are savage animals andare also called Chaldea , meaning '' Demons . '' They become known as the original Asiatics . While all of this was going on , there were different kinds of evolutionary Humims , Hu-man and Behemoth that were living on thisPlanet Earth in that same Era also .

You had the Genus Homo , the Australopithecus . The Australopithecus was a creature who lived many millions of years ago . They differed chiefly in size . There were two type of Australopithecus . The first form was those who stood four feet andcould walk erect . The second form was the Java Man , who was called Pithecanthropus . meaning '' monkey man '' or ape man '' The other species was Paranthropus . Then you had other types like the Neanderthal , who lived for 100.000 years and then disappeared . Then there is the Cro- Magnon who was said to have roamed Europe 400,000 years ago including Homo Erectus , and many other species in between .

The Peking Man also belonged to this species , who was here half a million years ago ,long though to be along the migration of modern man . The Peking Man was a type of prehistoric man who lived about three hundred and seventy , and five thousand years ago in what is now Northern China . Members of the species Homo Erectus '' Erect Man '' stood about 5 feet tall ,or 150 centimeters tall . They had a brain about twice the size of an Australopithecine's . Most of these species of Evolutionary Man came from the Ape family . Among the different species of Apeman you have the black-haired Lar . This is where you get the word '' lord '' or master '' from . The lares . plural for Lar . were recoganized for their intelligence .

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 01:14 PM
These Lares were the head monkeys or spiritual monkeys well known . This is where the word '' monks '' come from . When the Anunnaqi chose to breed by gene splicing through Geshtue , one of the Annuaqi , and Ninti , to breed the first Mami here . They chose to breed with the Lares because of their high intelligence . The red-haired Orangutan was also a very intelligent ape and the brown and black-hairs Chimpanzees had the best brains on the scale of evolution. The Orangutan is a large , rare ape . Some male have an arm spread of 7 and 1/2 feet ,one of the largest of all the apes . The Orangutan's reach to its ankles when it stands . The Orangutan lives in trees and rarely comes down to the ground . It moves through the forest by climbing from branch to branch . The Orangutan feeds off of fruit and leaves . The other type was the Chimpanzee . The Chimpanzee has the intellects of a 4 year old child .

And can be brought up to the level of a seven-or-eight-year-old . The Chimpanzee is one of the most intelligent animals and resembles human being more than any other animal . They usually walk on all fours and stand erect when excited or trying to see over tall grass .The Orangutans were used by certain beings to breed with . They used the species known as the Baboon , thedog-like Monkey and Orang-Utans together . The Baboom is a large monkey . It has a large head . long sharp teeth and a muzzle much like that of a dog . A Baboons arms are about as long as its legs . Some Baboons have short stumpy tails . But other have tails more than two feet long . The Baboons are part hyena , jackal and monkey . The breedind with them resulted in your Behaymaw type of carnivorous man called Mankind one of your many species of Caucasians , You have the red-haired light-green eyes , yellow - haired , blue - eyes , brown-haired gray-eyes and many other .

While on the other hand , certain beings used the Chimpanzee and the Gibbon-which are an offshoot of the Lares -for breeding . There are several species of Gibbons . They all have long arms and no tail . Gibbons travel through the tops of trees in small groups . A group usually consists of a male a female and 1 or 2 youngs . The Chimpanzee and Gibbon evolved into Humims , and they became your Nubuns , the original Pygmy tribe . The woolly hair comes from the Supreme Beings with 24 strains of genes coated in melanin . These are the original Anunnaqi Aluhum , The guardians of the Nubians with nine ether . Who in skin color were olive , as green as the greeness of olives .

Gibbon is the smallest of the apes . It also ranges over a wider area than the other member of the ape family - the Chimpanzee , Gorilla and Orangutan . The dog race was called Behaymaw . They are the '' Beast '' They were part Orangutan and part Baboon . Called the beast of the field . They were the fierce ones . Only some of these apes were used for breeding , and on the other hand some of these beings weren't touched at all . They just kept on evolving . They all have 6ether , as well as all the other animals on the planet Earth . While all of this was going on , the larger meat-eating Dinoaurs were eating and destroying everything .

The early Humims were dying out and Proto-mammals were at the brink of exinction . So , the Elder though that it was a great idea to destroy the planet and replenish it again . Then a great extinction hit , 17,250,000 years ago . The second big meteorite shower hit the planet Earth 2,250,000 years ago . Most of the prehistoric man and dinosurs were destroyed . The surviving tribes were the Pygmies , the Watusies .and the Hindus . The Pygmy , who had mixed with the agreeable Rumardians , and the Watusies , who had mixed with the disagreeable Reptilains were led into shelter beneath the Earth . Some went behind waterfalls , and in cave and caverns of the planet Earth . to survive , while the Hindu tribe went back to their planet called Nirvana in the Canis Minor star contellation Procyon .

The story of humans we , now know , that tells of a group of mammals called primates , takes us back some 45 or 50 million years when a common ancestor of monkeys , apes , and humans appeared in Africa . 25,000,000or 38,000,000 million years later that in how slowly the wheels of evolution turn , a precursor of the great apes branched off the primate line . In the 1920's A.D. fossils of this early ape . , Proconsul , were found by chance on an island in Lake Victoria . Beside Proconsul fossils they also discovered in the area remains of Ramapithecus , the first ercet ape or manlike primate , it was some 14 million years old , some 8 or 10 million years up the evolutionary tree from Proconsul .

The richest fossil finds have been in Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania ; near Lake Rudolf , renamed Lake Turkans , in Kenya and in the afar province of Ethiopia . Neanderthal skull was found near the Nile in Egypt .which dated back to 80,000 years old . Because a person's D.N.A. keeps getting mixed by the genes of the generational fathers , comparisons of the D.N.A. IN THE NUCLEUS OF THE CELL , WHICH COMES HALF FROM MOTHER , HALF FROM FATHER . DO NOT WORK WELL AFTER SEVERAL GENERATION .It was discovered ,that addition to the D.N.A. in the cell's nucleus , some D.N.A. exists in the mother's cell but outside the nucleus . in bodies called Mitochondria . This D.N.A. does not get mixed with the father's D.N.A. instead , it ispassed on unaltered from mother to daughters to granddaughter , and so on through the generation . Thus it is perfect to trace ancestral relations .

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 01:15 PM
The discovery . by Douglas Wallace of Emory University in the Mitochondria of about 800 womens .The surprising conclusion , which he announced at a secientific conference in July 1986 A.D. was that the Mitochondria in all of them appeared to be so similar that these women must have all descended from a single female ancestor . The research was picked up by Wesley Brown of the University of Michigan . who suggested that by determining the rate of natural mutation of Mitochondria , the length of time that had pasted since this common ancestor was live could be calculated .Comparing the Mitochondria of 21 women from diverse geographical and racial backgrounds , he came to the conclusion that they owed their origin to '' single Mitochondria Eve '' who had lived in Africa between 300,000 and 180,000 years ago .

This led to the search for Eve .Rebecca Cann of the University of California at Berkeley . had obtained the placentas of 147 women of diffrent races and genographical backgrounds who gave birth as San Francisco hospitals .she extracted and compared their Mitochondria . The conclusion was that they all had a common female ancestor who had lived between 300,000 and150,000 years . The upper limit of 300.000 years paleo-anthroplogists noted , conincided with the fossil evidence for the time Homo Sapiens made his appearance. The Mitochondria D.N.A. is only given from the mother to daughter , themalespecies does not have any Mitochondria D.N.A. THIS IS JUST FURTHER PROOF THAT THE FIRST PERSON TO WALK ON THE PLANET WAS A FEMALE .

posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 05:18 PM
reply to post by ManoahEl21

I didn't bother reading that immense amount of crap, but the last line I did. The first cell was neither male or female, it was a splitting organism. the end.

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