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I think someone I know has been bainwashed by his church

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posted on Sep, 6 2007 @ 06:51 PM

Originally posted by paigcal
Why would I worry about a silly thing like the future...

So you don't save money?

Don't plan for college, work, career?

No 401k I take it?

Never bought insurance?

Never use contraception?

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posted on Sep, 6 2007 @ 08:07 PM

Originally posted by saint4God
Life is just way too short to care about an afterlife.

Or is the afterlife way to long to care about this short life?

posted on Sep, 6 2007 @ 09:30 PM
reply to post by nickh

But one time he just broke out and started telling me that because I've broken a lot of the ten commandments, I will go to the gates of heaven and not get let in. I explained that he too had probably broken some of the commandments, but he replied by saying that "God has forgiven me, that's why Jesus died for us. Now I am a son of God" (or something like that). I still tried not to dwell on the matter for too long, as he'd only go back to the first story he told me –

This was him actually liking you as a person and "caring", if you will, for what he perceives as your soul and the remainder of your life on Earth. The reason he 'broke out and said ..' , implying it was a sudden / unusual thing for him to say, to say you would go to the gates but not be let in, is because he wants you to get in those gates that he perceives to be there.

Are they really there? I'd like to think so, not literally but something of the nature .. lol .. lets not get into Heaven's possible architecture and design.

And since you "would like to believe a God exists, but dont", he knows your soul will aspire to see the Creator after the expiration of your flesh body, you see. So in a sense you may actually go to the "gates" and put thrown back down if you will, I dont know what would happen, nobody living does, thats the big 'mindjob' (would rather call it a mind f word) of this whole thing.


What have I learned that might be of use to non-believers who'd "like" to believe? As a former non-believer, I never "tried God on and saw how it felt" or if it was the "right size", I just never got past looking at the "coat" from a distance. I never tried it so I knew not of it. God never "contacted me" in any way shape or form, even if it was 'talking to me inside my own head' if you will. I never felt what people call the Holy Spirit, really the direct .. uh.. "assistance" from God, for lack of a term to use. (not a seperate entity within a trinity, that is Catholic and incorrect; Jesus himself did not teach this in this manner of a trinity Godhead, he never put himself on God's level.)

So when you do "try it on", in my case during times of great despair and problems, like .. just about what some call "rock bottom" if you will, but not quite, because I wouldn't let myself fall all the way, but I was dangling. So in desperation and humiliation, I tried "God on" for size, just to see if it could help me get out of the single biggest most difficult rut / challenge of my life.

As I read and got serious about it and read more, the knowledge came to me first. "Ohh .. so thats what that quote was in context of .. " for example is what id think when I read famous bible quotes as I was reading certain sections of the Bible. And I would never force myself, once every few days the book called me. It would say to me, "come on, read a chapter.. you know you want to find out what happens to King Rehoboam for saying his pinky finger is larger than his late father King Solomon's entire LOINS.." (true part of the bible).

So then I'd notice "God helping me out", my situation changing for the better, not just because I was inspired to work harder at fixing it, but also and mostly because things outside of my control that were aligned against me started letting off of me, legal matters, money matters, whatever you wanna choose as an example, there were many. So the entire situation slowly changed as my faith increased. That was God's sign to me and now I'm an avid believer and will always be, of at the least, a single God, a Creator God, that somehow started this whole thing we call Life and the Universe and the Earth and its inhabitants.

A coat will keep you warm in the cold. A coat will keep you from getting wet in the rain and snow. A coat helps you maintain and achieve your immediate goals, however simple they may be (to get to and from the gas station, for example). I hope as the Fall comes in and the Winter eventually begins, that more people end up seeking God's Coat with all of the added coldness, not just from the Climate, but from the Government and World Events of the near future which will likely be worse than current!

And not im not trying to recruit you, im just sharing my personal experiences incase anyone might like them. And offering a jacket to someone in the cold

(I had to do it, I'm corny)

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posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 01:45 PM
Brainwashing -.-
Catholic religion is a means of control for the elites. It's a shame some people build their entire life around it. If you to the essentials, love, tolerance, cooperating, giving, etc, it's true and good. But then greedy men invented new nonsense to the Catholic religion, and it lost all it's sense. Tolerance an obvious moral law, yet Christians ridiculize gays. Many contradictions like this made the Catholic religion complete trash, the christians totally lost sight of the essential.

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