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My First Girlfriend, a summary

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posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 04:36 AM
I met her through a text message. I was texting my friend, but she wasnt there so my future girlfriend replied. Well we txted back and forth and really hit it off, she then one day found out my sn from our mutual friend.

We became great friends before I even met her. Well then one day we decide to meet up and it was great. Later that night I would ask her to be my girlfriend and she agreed.

Thus began the summer of love. Within another week I had completely fallen for this girl and we professed our love to eachother on a daily basis. We promised to be together forever and I meant it.

About two weeks ago, her mother, who had abandoned her six years previous moved back to the state and into her life. At the same time my mother forbade me from seeing her until a got a job. A week later I got permission to see my gf from her because we were going to go to a bday party of a good friend of ours.

So, she gets at my house because Im going to drive her to the party. But she gets there and she says we need to take a break, as in break up. Apparently the pressure of not seeing me is too much for her, I dont get it. She says we can get back together once I get a job.

The day after the party she calls me and begs for my forgiveness. At this point I can't do that because Im too mad at her. But a few days later I cool down and take her back. She then reveals to me she didnt break up with me because of the stress of not seeing me. A guy had just kissed her and she thought I wouldnt like her so she thought that doing that would spare my feelings. I take her back anyway because Im a forgiving guy. That same day I finally get results from my jobhunt and become employed.

So we hang out and she says she loves me and I say it back to her.

The next day, today, she calls me, says she loves me and wants to see me. I agree. Later that night, tonight, she calls me and says we needs to talk. She tells me I should move on. Im like What? Why? She says she loves another guy. The same guy that kissed her and ruined our relationship. Apparently he must have been very persistent. I dont understand it, she told me she doesnt even like him just the other day. But apparently she does, she says she still loves me. I ask her if she loves me than why is she breaking up with me? She says she doesnt know, I tell her through my tears that if she breaks up this time I wont take her back. I hear a mans voice in the background, it says tell him where you are. Apparently she mustve been at his house that very moment. I call her a cheating whore and hang up. I then proceed to vaporize all existence of her.

Consider this the obituary. I really loved her. She broke my heart and wants to give up our future to spend it with someone who could never be as nice to her as I would have been. But she still loves me, well maybe not after I called her a whore, but maybe that will help her get over me.

I likely will never see her again, I have already thrown out all of her pictures and deleted her myspace and facebook and blocked her on aim and deleted all of our online pics. I have instructed my friends to do the same.

Goodbye my love, I dont love you anymore. C'est la vie


posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 09:08 AM
lol damn dude know how that feels don't worry your life gets better and you did the right thing it's all part of growing up.

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 05:42 AM
damn dude, don't worry there are plenty of girls who won't treat you in that way. Trust me. Don't go back to her because by now you should of known the type of girl she is.

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 08:53 AM

She broke my heart and wants to give up our future to spend it with someone who could never be as nice to her as I would have been

Are you listening to yourself?

You sound like a young guy...and she's likely a young gal... Did you say the words "our future"? Man, I'm betting you're WAY too young to be tossing that term around....

Young gals are fickle. They don't know what they want from one moment to the next...chalk it up as a learning experience. There are other gals out there...(in fact, if you want to get back at one of her friends...)

Sure it sucks man, but everyone gets rejected now and then...and you can't expect to find Ms. Right on the first time at bat... You gotta dust off the cleats and step back up to the plate dude....

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