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I would like to send a well deserved thank you to China and Japan...

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posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 12:37 AM
...for continually buying American Bonds and Treasury Notes! You guys keep us afloat and I [and the rest of America] would just like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You know, when we're not too busy listening to our ipods or eating at McDonald's we're actually pretty caring and understanding people. China, I hope you know that we are simply joking when we condemn Communist Police's totally just a running joke amongst us Americans. I mean, what's the problem with blocking a couple websites here and there and OMG the mobile execution chambers are like totally being hyped up by the brainwashed liberal media the nerve of those bastards! I swear they act like we're selling debt off to a Dictatorship or something you know, sort of like the one we just ousted in Iraq, morons!

All in all we love you China and Japan and we hope this relationship never ends because when it does there will be no us. You are the sole reason we are relevant in the world today and I would like to express the deepest of gratitude for it. Listen, I have some more bonds and treasury notes coming up with awesome interest rates so make sure you have your pocket books ready! I know you two together own roughly around 47% of our debt but hey, you're pretty swell's not like one of you have ever sided with the Nazi's or anything so buy all the I owe you's you want! I love you guys.

The United States of America

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