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North Korean Information Warfare Department

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posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 11:28 PM
Hi, this is a request for any information and opinions on the "North Korean Information Warfare Department"

Searching ATS, and the internet in general didn't come up with much, but I will tell you what I have heard about that sparked my interest.

I'm a computer programmer, but was talking with some network administrators, who deal with hosting and maintaining large sites/networks, and groups of sites. They were talking about this department, after someone asked them about recurring attacks that kept coming from the same source, that they found odd. The more knowledgeable guys said 'Oh, that's just the North Korean Information Warfare Department, that's pretty normal'. They went on to explain that they and thousands of other people (maybe more) are routinely attacked, and have attempted attacks from this department. It seemed especially interesting because they don't run sites that are in any way connected to the government, they are just regular businesses.

It seems quite obvious that governments would employ hackers to attack other governments computers, but attacking the 'general public' like this seemed quite odd in a way.

Anyone know any more, or even just anything related to this?



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