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pro-N. American Union movement?

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posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 09:42 PM
Has anyone noticed a pro-NAU movement? I mean besides our self appointed elite rolling in their future profits... is there a grass roots or media and advertising campaign to trick people into thinking that a NAU is a good thing? (A good thing for Americans that is, of course it's good for Mexico.)

I ask because I saw a sticker on a guys car that had the EU flag of 12 stars with a red/white/blue "AU" in the middle. I'm guessing that it was a pro-American Union sticker. I couldn't tell if the guy made it himself, since thats a possibility, but how many people make their own stickers? And how many people even know about the NAU plans? It seems unlikely.

The European countries voted against their union and had it forced on them anyways. So far we haven't even been given the illusion of choice. It seems likely that there would be a pro-union campaign to sell the idea to average ignorant Americans (there's plenty of those, I know).

Here's a mock up of the sticker I saw:
(anyone else seen this image? It could be something other than a pro American Union flag, but I cant imagine what.)

So anyone see any NAU or AU propaganda popping up? If so please add it here. Or has there been a favorable mention of the AU in the media?

Lets have a Pro American Union Fiesta! What's fiesta again.. Oh right a party for... :

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