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Jupiter and the Eye Of Horus

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posted on Jan, 17 2004 @ 10:49 PM
Jupiter sits outside of the asteroid belt, which itself may very well be a field of particles ejected from a planet which orbited there previously. That's an entirely different story, however.

In, I have delved in to the prospects of Io transferring energy to Jupiter in a very intimate manner. A Volcano named Prometheus erupts violently enough to produce a plume that can be seen penetrating the satellite's atmosphere. In turn, Jupiter produces more raw energy than Sol, the Sun itself, partly because of the powerful jolt (400K volt) Io gives it on a periodic basis.

The fact that Jupiter's Great Red Spot and Io still exist is a testament to a higher form of order generally misunderstood by the public, including myself. Io is close enough to destroy itself within Jupiter's gravitational tug-of-war, and proof lies in how volcanically active it is. The reason for all of this violent activity is because the satellite itself is pulling itself at the seams... in this case, tectonic plates or something similar to that effect. Prometheus isnt the only volcano, it's just the most significant. A world as volcanically active as Io survives incomprehensively against insurmountable odds, mostly coming from the constant bombardment from within the mantle and core thus causing constant volcanic activity.

The Great Red Spot, itself, had it been just a random gigantic storm, would have likely disipated sometime over the last 300 years when it was first observed by Western astrologers. It is likely to be far older than that, too. Because Jupiter, like Saturn, has wind speeds in excess of 500mph the GRS would have eventually been dispersed over time as all naturally observed comparisons (such as hurricanes) do.

Here is proof that the "eye" and Io can and do come into adjacent and parallel contact, therefore suggesting a physical relationship. animation of the GRS

from &ie=UTF-8
"Jupiter emits continuously streams of charged particles that penetrate deeply into space. Radio emissions of trapped charged particles of the magnetic field of Jupiter are akin to those launched through space by the stars and received by radio astronomers on Earth. Jupiterís signal emerges at 50 billion watts. Super-hurricanes and Jovian lightning discharges, found to reach even its satellite Io, are common .The Great Red Spot in Jupiterís cover may be the great depression still preserved by cyclonic action. The Spot is a surface as well as cloud phenomenon. The radio noises have been audited for a few years but the Red Spot has been observed for centuries. During this longer period, on a number of occasions, the Spot has made dramatic moves. Hence, the rotation of Jupiter has repeatedly suffered marked interruptions even though the force required to change the angular momentum of such a rotating body (the GRS) is far beyond the force imagined to be able to originate in a stable system."

some mythological background from:
"In the Garabandal vision 69 we have the Virgin mother of the living God closely associated with the ancient symbol of the virgin motherland of mankind, and with its eastern (oriental) location. The colour red potentially refers to the "red spot" on Jupiter, the "red spot" being the original "eye of Horus". This "red spot" has also been visualised as the mouth from which the original "Word" of creation was uttered and from which the ancient Egyptians believed that the divine twins Shu and Tefnut (Neptune and Uranus) were born or, more specifically, were spat out. In Christian Holy Grail mythos, this red spot has been viewed as the bleeding wound of the King, from which issues the Holy Spirit. On the equatorial belt of Jupiter are three fixed white spots which form an equilateral triangle, and these appear to be the archetype for the three graces, the three muses, the three fates, and the three nails by which Jesus the Christ was held to the cross of Calvary. "

The above excerpt is amazing, particularly to me, because I thought it wasn't very well known that the GRS could have a link to Horus and things past. It also makes the important connection between mythology and the creation of the Solar System, which I believe to be fascinating. Because Christianty has many many ties and likenesses to Ancient Egyptian mythology and other previous forms of mono and polythiesm, as well as past and present forms of mythology and religion, this helps to validate the premise and the significance of this not-so-ordinary storm. If so many different cultures didn't make a hoot about it metaphorically, it wouldn't be so important. Time and time again, these metaphors and stories seem to tell a piece of the puzzle of life, and they do so again here.

The symbol of the Eye of Horus is uncanny in how similar it is to the GRS.

Just look at this picture and compare it with the image of the GRS above. The key lies in the "eyebrow" area, where there is an apparent likeness to how Jupiter's massive storm swallows clouds and swirls about. Below the symbol's centre, are two lines with spiraling swirls that are also graphical representations of nearby clouds being consumed.

Here's a real-time captured animation depicting the GRS in action. You don't have to use much of your imagination to compare the likeness of this every-day happenstance to a very ancient and significant symbol of the occult.

Below are some links to more animations that demonstrate this likeness, courtesy of NASA-JPL (thanks for DS1 and its ion drive by the way, JPL. please keep up the good work!) a great colorized animation from galileo this one is the best but it's 3 MB
temperature map of GRS demonstrating the level of heat/energy in contrast to the general ambiance of Jupiter
color-enhanced infrared pic of GRS with outline. here's lookin' at you, Horus.
GRS in different photon wavelengths (UV, IR, etc)

Final part:
Titan and the Annunaki, and what does this all mean?(coming soon... research takes time and could use some feedback from the people here)

[Edited on 1/17/2004 by AlnilamOmega]

posted on Jan, 17 2004 @ 10:52 PM
Why is this in "Really Above Top Secret"?

posted on Jan, 17 2004 @ 10:55 PM
because I was trying to cater to an intellectually-filtered realm... AND this fits into the principles of this category, does it not?

its not chit chat

its not topical

its not general discussion

it IS generally dismissed

it IS important in terms of our future in the Solar System

and finally it IS not something generally talked about

posted on Jan, 17 2004 @ 11:04 PM

Originally posted by AlnilamOmega because I was trying to cater to an intellectually-filtered realm...
As mentioned in Simon's topped post in the Really Above Top Secret Forum, the intent is not for exclusionary discussion to a filtered select-few, but for protected discussion away from search engines.

posted on Jan, 17 2004 @ 11:34 PM
well thanks for moving it here anyway. it's getting more views in this area than its originally misplaced realm: Aliens and UFO's.

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