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ATS.MIX: 16 – Bay Area UFO Expo 2007 Recap PART 1

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posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 11:45 AM

Show 16 – Bay Area UFO Expo 2007 Recap PART 1

The Fantastic Four Team Members Springer, John Lear, Dave Rabbit and Johnny Anonymous do a roundtable discussion of the 9th Annual Bay Area UFO Expo that they attended in San Jose, California August 25th and 26th, 2007. And despite the numerous attempts by the MEN IN BLACK to foil their adventure, this is a fun TWO PART flashback of the Two Dynamic Duos. Hear stories about Gary Busey, Dave’s Alien Implant, John Lear’s close encounter with the U.S. Army, Springer’s Wild Limo Ride, Johnny’s Lick Observatory Adventure, Ralph Ring, Dr. Roger Leir and the amazing lunch chat with our great friend, John Rhodes. Whether you are a FAN of Aliens and UFO’s or just a bit curious about it all, THIS is a fun MUST HEAR audio adventure that reaches from your INNER MIND to the OUTER LIMITS. Enjoy the show.

”The Fantastic Four” – Springer, John Lear, Dave Rabbit & Johnny Anonymous

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posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 08:55 AM
Honey I'm to much John Lear for you to handle.

lmfao great show.

*imagines John driving around in his daughters pink compact car decorated with ATS t-shirts.* Lmfao, 'hooking up with everybody'. I guess that has a diferant, errr. , meaning here in Australia.


"You're talking about my daughter?" - John Lear.
"Well atleast I'm somebodies friend out of this whole bloody group" - Springer.

John Lears of Wine/steak, you should have that as your Custom title, first line.

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posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 05:47 AM
Thanks for the post. I'll definitely listen to this soon. Me and a friend of mine drove up from Santa Barbara to attend the conference. It was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed 'most' of the speakers.
We went Saturday only due to cost reasons, but next year I plan on doing the whole 'sha-banga-bang'. Maybe we'll catch old man Busey then!

posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 07:59 PM
I attended the 2007 Bay Area UFO EXPO on Saturday and here's my report.

My main reason for going was to meet Steven Greer and to hear him speak. I was very impressed with his writings and Youtube presentations, including the famous press conference. I just had to see him in person to "know" if he was the real deal. Well, my impression is that he is a great orator and he has conviction. When I met him in person he was brusque. I tried to tell him that I was aligned with his goals, but it seems he only had time to sign books. I was kind of put off by the new twist in his plan to get zero-point energy realized. He announced that he has the zero point energy mechanism/machinery definitely within grasp (developed by someone else) but now needs 47 million dollars for R&D to make it a reality. $47,000,000. >cough< I was also confused when he was discussing his ET training and how a person must enter Samadhi to do the procedure of corresponding with ET. He made a statement that "It's easy!" So, if it's so easy, then why should I take an entire week off from work, spend $800 on his training (not inclusive of hotel nor meals) to do something that "easy"?

I also heard Lohn Lear for the first time, and saw the moon pictures projected on a big screen. Very convincing, indeed. He's likeable from the word 'go". I've since listened to John's presentations on the net, and I was shocked to hear that he states there is a soul capture/generator machine on the moon that takes souls and places souls in humans at the orders of ET. This was a bridge too far for me to follow. But I still like him and I'm looking further into his moon pix. I did buy his moon pic CDROM and it's worth it.

Dr. Pyle and his "Starchild" promised to revolutionize what is thought to be human history and confirm ET presence. He also needs financial help, but only $50,000 and a few years of gene lab work to "rock the world to it's foundations", or something very much like that. He was personable and believable. I hope he gets the 50k.

re Dr. Turi. Don't look in his eyes! Just kidding. He has a fascinating grasp of human nature, and he uses it for "good".

The people in attendance were very friendly. Plenty of good will and helpfulness. A sense of brother/sisterhood in the knowledge that we all had beliefs that challenged the pablum and poison being fed to us by the tv, radio and newspaper media.

The Doubletree hotel was very comfortable. It wasn't the Mandalay Bay, but it certainly had amenities. A good sushi bar in the lobby. The bar was too small and could not provide adult beverages fast enough for the crowds that came and went. There were, however, within walking distance, some good restaurants and a poker-only casino filled with mostly Vietnamese within 5 minute taxi ride, I won enough money playing Omaha to pay my trip and left.

I could only stay for Saturday and had to fly home early on Sunday. I wish I could have stayed both days. So, to those who are thinking of attending future events, I highly recommend it. I tried to keep an open mind, and I'm still questioning my previous beliefs in light of what was presented at the Expo.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 03:29 AM
Wow. You totally think the same as me on a lot of points from the conference. This too was my first UFO Conference. I've sparked enough interest in the Disclosure Project, to take it to the next level and go to something like this.
To be honest, I was hoping some presenter there had more 'concrete' proof of 'something'. I mean don't get me wrong, I definitely belive in ET's, it's just It would be nice to have, say, a nice Hi-Def video of some in the daytime or something like that, is that asking too much

I guess for now, like always, we'll have to rely on testimony and grainy videos at night, and trust that the people giving testimonies are putting enough of their credibility on the line that it would be too much to risk for them to be lying.
I too went to see Dr. Greer mainly, and I really enjoyed his speech, and of course got my book signed. I don't think the 800 bucks is really too much, beacause it is for a whole week of training. Think of the Trancendental Meditation fee for example which is 3k for much less training. I think if he was doing it just to make money, well then he could make a whole lot more just focusing on selling books, and even doing ER work again. Of course I want to believe everything he says, as it would literally be "mind blowing" knowledge, but If I've learned anything about this whole industry, it's that every "expert" has thier own story about our relationship with ET's, and I can't say that each "expert's" story coorelates with the others, so somebody has got to be wrong, or everyone is.
For example if you believe in John Lear's theories, well then, they don't exactly coorelate to Steven Greer's? So either one of them is right, or both are wrong? Who do you believe? They both have impressive credentials, so it's a hard call.
I really liked John Lear's presentation on the Moon Base, and I almost bought the CD, but 30 bucks was a little steep IMO. I was thinking 15 would be more reasonable. I too was back and forth at first on his presentation, as a lot of the pictures were pretty grainy, but then he showed a few that were pretty damn conclusive. You'd have to try hard "not" to see some strange things in some of those craters. However, like you, once I started reading more on his theories, the Soul Tower stuff, it just really pushed my limits. Maybe he's right and I'm not ready for that type of info just yet, but it sound just a little 'crazy' and a little like Scientology if you ask me.
Thank's for your post, I'm glad there were other first timers like me there that pretty much share my same views and opinions on the EXPO and the Speakers.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 11:27 AM
reply to post by pylesipe

Pylesipe, thanks for your post. Yes, I too WANT TO KNOW. I want that (friendly) ET to land in my backyard and hold still while I whip out my Sony videocam.

In Greer's book, it seems that many of his ET experiences happen during altered consciousness, or even dream state. I wish I could videotape my dreams, complete with the emotions I felt so I could do analysis like never before, however...

No, I am perceiving, on a gut level, that Dr. Greer is not doing the Disclosure Project solely for money. Although everyone has to eat, and we all have expenses (the American way?) Weren't you a bit taken aback by his finely couched plea for $47 million?
I think Dr. Greer might trim his course down to a 3 day weekend? It's not the $800 that bugs me, it's the week off work (my problem

In such a field as ET discovery and disclosure, there are bound to be conflicting statements and theories, especially if we are to assume the NRO is making false ET craft and personnel. I sure hope we get a definite ET answer (perhaps by 2012). There are some very interesting theories. Have you "youtubed 'ufo' "? There's a lot there... and yes, we are in the photoshop and home video era, so we have to take that into account.

I had a friend who was deep into Scientology, and up 'til a few years ago, I thought she was bonkers when she told me stories of outer space dramas with good and evil elements. Well, I have had to lean back and not be so critical. It is said "as above, so below" and we have the likes of Bush and Cheney and greed up the wazoo here down below on earth. What's going on up there???

I agree that $30 might be steep for John Lear's CDROM, but I wanted to support his disclosure project. Definite pixilation and airbrushing going on in the "official" pictures. He contends that earthlings have been on the moon and Mars for decades. How does the secrecy continue to be maintained? Shouldn't there be a lot of average Joes who might feel the need to tell about their last steady job... grinding bauxite on the moon?

Best of luck to you and I on our quest TO KNOW.

posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 03:06 PM
These RECAPS were set-up literally in 15 minutes between us all. Although PART 1 has a lot of neat things in it.... my personal favorite is PART 2 and the John Lear going home story. Of course, like every conversation Johnny and I ever had with John Lear, it takes a lot of effort to keep him ON TRACK, as his sidebars to one of his favorite restaurants being an example.

Hope everyone enjoys the shows and plan on attending future shows with "The Fantastic Four".


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