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Does the WWE feel that they need to suspend to keep a good Reputation

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posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 11:31 AM
How come there have been really no suspensions for steroid use in the world of professional wrestling until the last few days. Could it be becuase there have been 2 deaths due to drug abuse this summer? Is this going to be the same thing that happened in the late 90's with Vince and Mr. Hogan. I like professional wrestling and I'm sure there are a lot of wrestlers that do the right thing. Anyones thoughts.

posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 11:49 AM
I'll tell ya what, when Trips came back on Monday Night, you could totally tell that the surgury break and rehab did wonders for him. My ol lady looked up and actually exclaimed "God! Did he lay off the 'roids or what?" I laughed.
I dunno though. I think the steroids in wrestling are kind of the contract with the devil they have to sign to be the superstar they want to be. Look at Big Poppa Pump. He's absolutely SICK with ripped-ness. I suspect steroids. But look at Carlito or the Hardys or Randy Orton (BOOOO!) They have the talent to excel without the over-buff that Cena, Batista and Chris Masters feel they need.
Do I think it needs to be regulated? Yeah. Do I think they should be banned from using it? No. I think the Doctor should be the administrator of the drug, not just the distributor and I think the doctor should be then held responsible for any misuse issues by the patient. It's a medical issue, not a locker room issue, in my opinion.


posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 03:07 PM
This could be the beggining of the end for WWE. Ever since they became a publicly trade company I have had the feeling that they should clean up their act or face as scandal such as this and face the public alienation that would send investor to run the other way and bringing the company to its knees.

What they are doing right now is a preemptive step to prevent just that, but with Congresional hearing looming soon in September I think is too little to late

They should have clean up their act even before contemplating becoming a publicly trade company. I dont think they are going to get out the congressional headlock.

Link to article

How McMahon did not this one coming is beyond me, as the savvy business man that he is he should have seen this one a looong time ago.

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posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 11:10 PM
Cuthail makes a good point but consider...

If you make the Doctor responsible for any abuses, what will happen?

No doctor in his right mind will take on a WWE client. That is unless the client puts 5 million in escrow to pay for the Doc's legal fees.

What can the docs do but test and help. They can't follow Big Show around and check on him in his hotel room, fercryinoutloud.

Otherwise, yeah MD supervision -should- lead to less health problems.

But guess what? Do you know who is really behind the 'roid problem?

1. Fans
2. WWE management.


Yep. Fans want to see the buff-monsters (but the fans might fool you b/c they know some of the best are not 'roid demons).

Mgmt? Yep VM and others know it's the 'freakshow' aspect that seems to sell. Or so they think. So they're probably telling guys 'hey you're looking a little small and flat - what's up?' The implication is 'we hired you at 6'7 and 310lbs and you better not shrink up on us'.

But maybe now the pendulum will swing and we'll see more skill, and things might move more towards MMA and grappling ability, not just rehearsed moves and jumping off the top of a cage and doing a somersault.?

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posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:02 AM
It is not just about steroids. Being a wrestler is tough on the body. Even though wrestling is fake, wrestlers are still putting stress on their joints, muscles, and bones every time they perform. Wrestlers, unlike other athletes, do not have an offseason to recover from the stress they put on their body. Wrestling promotions, unlike other sports, do not have as much of an incentive to take care of their athletes.

In other sports, the athletes are treated more as precious commodities. Sports teams are adverse to risking athletes injuries because it is difficult for them to find high calliber athletes. Let us take an NBA team for example. A typical NBA team knows 7 foot tall men who can run, shoot a basketball, and dribble are a rare commoditiy. If one of its mediocre players has a nagging injury, it knows it has more to gain by allowing that mediocre player to rest his injury for a few weeks then to have that player perform with the injury. It is better for the NBA team to lose a player for a few weeks then to loose him permanently.

In wrestling, wrestlers are not treated as precious commodities. While it is true that not everybody has the talent to be a wrestling star or even a mediocre wrestler, it is easier for the WWE to find and create a mid-card wrestler than it is for an NBA team to find a decent player. That being said, WWE has no incentive to rest an injured wrestler (unless he is a huge talent like a Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin) and is more likely to work him into the ground because it knows it can always find another.

When we combine the wear and tear an activity like wrestling puts on the body with the fact that wrestlers are worked harder than other athletes, it should come as no surprise that many wrestlers are in really bad shape.

posted on Sep, 20 2007 @ 05:59 PM

Originally posted by Badge01

But maybe now the pendulum will swing and we'll see more skill, and things might move more towards MMA and grappling ability, not just rehearsed moves and jumping off the top of a cage and doing a somersault.?

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new japan has been putting on 'worked' matches for years...the oldschool wrestlers were involved...hogan did some works over there and other....

the whooe match was not rehearsed, just the outcome and they kinda worked it out in the ring...all kinds of sick grappling...then, it kinda moved towards mma with no works.....
a lot of th eearly pride guys were/are legends in the new japan pro wrestling circuit...

as for wwe, i would love nothing more that to see it vanish...
i hate it....

i don't even want to see it compared to mma and as a matter of fact, i would rather see guys like angle, benoit, dean malenko, guys that can really roll, pick up a team and try and make it in the mma ring and do it for of now, mma can't match the paycheck but they will.

then, hopefully wrestling entertainment will be GONE

i would at least like to see it go back to like the new japan and the early wrestling of the 1900's up to the early 50's where they really did wrestle....think mma but more of a brawl style.....guys like lou thez and karl gotch were wrestling and they were master 'hookers'(joint manipulators)....early catch wrestlers....somewhere around the 60's it started to go more fake and more gimmick....

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