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posted on Jan, 17 2004 @ 08:08 PM
This is an addition to my other post, other words our/your loss of freedoms and how the Govt.
is trying and succeeding in invading every aspect of our/your life.
11) Mandatory Military Service. I’m sure you’ve all heard about this. a
convenient way for the govt. to gather info on you. For all you who have been in the military you
know what I mean. If or when this is implemented, the govt will have a DNA record of all who
enter. They will be able to give you ‘inoculations’ to supposedly protect you from certain
diseases. Yeah right..who knows what they will be giving you. I saw that the FDA has OK’d a
implantable tracking device for humans....hmmmm link This Mandatory Service thing has allot
of obvious implications...just another way for the govt. to make criminal out of you ( for not
joining) and controling your personal life.
12) Speaking of about RFID -Radio Frequency Identification Device-
devices put in/on products to track the who, what ,where,when and where is it going. ‘Minority
Report’ we come. link link linkThis is very creepy and it is already out there.
13) And if #12 isn’t enough, we will soon have ‘Enhanced 911.’ This is a tech that has
very obvious good implications BUT, the Govt. does not have a good track record at to breaking
it’s own rules. link Also, don’t forget all the portable GPS tracking devices.
14) OK, you don’t buy alot of stuff and you don’t own a cell phone or pager. I give you
city and traffic surveillance cameras. link This link only talks about NY but it gives and
example of how pervasive they are. On a different thread somebody mentioned how much data
there would be to sift through if ‘they’ were monitoring e-mail. The same goes for the cameras
BUT, that doesn’t mean ‘they’ wont try or haven’t already taken great steps forward. With all the
new Facial Recognition software coming out, the ‘authorities could just record on all the cameras
and watch it later, ID the people (you know, jay walking, panhandling, U-turns, not signaling
turns and of course all the real crime that the cameras MAY catch) and get them later. ( Maybye
the govt will have all the newly legal illegal aliens sift thru the tapes) I know from experience that
2 people can watch 19 different monitors with 40 different cameras.
15) The presidents plan for Healthy What kind of crap is that! The Govt is
going to help encourage people to get married and have loving/caring/nurturing relationships?!
There has to be a catch..maybe like paying for a marriage license or some type of ‘test’ whether
physical or blood, see #11. Once again, the Govt does not have a good track record in the
relationship area.
16) PC..Political Correctness. This more of an issue with the courts and society in general.
Last Christmas, somebody I know who works at the most influential, privately own and run bank
in America, the Federal Reserve Bank, was told that they cannot decorate for Christmas. No
Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas trees, nothing that could be related to Christmas. ‘They’ did not
want to offend anybody. What?! This is the U.S.A., or so I thought. PC is not being sensitive to
the ‘feelings’ of the individual, it is putting that individuals ‘feelings’ above everything else. And
what happens when somebody feels offended,... they sue. We have the ‘right’ to think and say
what we want..unless, of course it offends somebody but we can offend a middle age white guy all
we want. Can you see how PC is setting up the American society to not tolerate certain
thoughts.....can you see where I’m going with this? When will the Govt start to say that you
shouldn’t be thinking/talking about..lets say, alternate theories of what happened on 9/
respect for the families of course. Or, ‘websites like ATS need to be more closely monitored or
censored because they saying Political In-correct things and it offends others, we need to respect
‘their’ rights to not be offended.’ link A link for something to think about.
So a quick review. The America of the 21st centrary has random checkpoints/road blocks,
the ‘authorities’ can wiretap with just a general reason for why and no crime yet committed, ALL
financial records open to the govt- again with just a general reason as to why they want the
records, surveillance cameras in cities, cell phones and cars will be able to be tracked with in tens
of feet, trying to implement Mandatory Military Service, hair and saliva drug testing for
employment, everything you buy will have some type of RFID attached to it relating who bought
it-where it is, the govt wants to get involved with your marriage, laws to ban certain activities in
private business even though those activities are still legal...... Did I just describe the book 1984?
This is not America anymore!! There is another thread about ‘why bother’ What’s the
point of talking about all of this when only us kooks, fanatics and extremists are listening? I make
it a point to talk to people (very gentelly) about govt cover ups. The intelligent people listen and
start to think and they begin to look at things differently. When or will there be a ‘right’ time to
act and what will that action be? Will it be a slow revolt with isolated pockets of ‘extremists and
right-wing fanatics’ (think back to ruby ridge, Waco, OK City but on a slightly larger scale) taking
actual action? There is a huge chess game going on and only one side knows it, i.e. the Govt or
who ever controls them. The other side has no King, Queen, Rooks, or Horsemen (not the PC
Horse-people or Horse-men/women) just a bunch of Pawns. Of course some Pawns are smarter
than others. Will ‘their’ (the govt) actions be so slow that nobody will respond to them? Will
‘their’ control be so absolute that nobody will be able to take action? A situation must arise that
will show the true nature of ‘them.’ There needs to be a catalyst to force ‘them’ to take ‘extreme’
measures because ‘they’ are playing the better game of chess and right now and we do not stand a
chance. We need some Kings, Queens, Rooks, or Horsemen or we will fore-ever be sitting on
‘conspiracy websites’ hoping something will happen.
totalitarian : Designating a form of government in which one party exercises absolute
control over all spheres of human life and opposition is outlawed.
republic: a country governed by the elected representatives of its people.

P.S. I already hear sirens and somebody is knocking at my door.

[Edited on 17-1-2004 by clearmind]

posted on Jan, 19 2004 @ 05:59 PM
the feds could bug my house and raid it every week and I wouldn't care.

posted on Jan, 19 2004 @ 09:36 PM
First off, i will apologize before hand because no real offense is meant. I see that u are new to ATS..obviously you did not read the links or other post. U seriously can't mean what you say. If you do, congragulations!! U get an award from the u.s govt for completing their indoctrination in brainwashing! and that reward is the loss of your freedom. Now u will need your national ID card, ID papers, 1,2,3 checkpoints before you get to work, border checkpoints to get to other states, RFID on everything you own, the freedom not to chose where you want to go, the freedom to not chose what you want to do, the freedom to have your life taken over and manipulated by the govt. U may be thinking that, "that will never happen"..history, history, history...the only thing humans seem to repeat is history and not the good parts of it.....
It does not matter what political party is in is the staying in power that matters. The ones in power would like to keep that power and it is getting easier for the govt to strip our power away. What power is that you ask.....politicians are suppose to be representatives of the people that elected them. there have not been any real politicians around for many, many years. And you know why???? "the feds could bug my house and raid it every week and I wouldn't care."

posted on Jan, 19 2004 @ 09:56 PM

I have to say Clear...........You have just about got everything that I feel down to the T. Nice job on the posts,

Keep up the good work

posted on Apr, 16 2004 @ 03:37 AM
Good job of expressing ideas that have been going thru my head. You are on the money about so many things.
Americans are waking up every day, and i do what i can to help them. I woke up. So did you guys. Its gonna happen as long as we continue to talk about these issues to people.
Speaking of talking about the issues, I just watched Modern Marvels on The History Channel. The had a segment on RFID where they openly admit it is in the seems of clothes! Of course my damn VCR wasnt on so i dont have it on tape, but u can bet i will record it if it comes on again. Im pretty sure they said the size was compared to a grain of sand, which is way smaller then the 'grain of rice' size i had previously heard.
Did anybody happen to see this episode?

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