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9/11 zionist plot for world war 3

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posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 06:20 AM
i have recently watched the 9/11 stranger then fiction 5 part video. It clearly explains how zionist have been plotting this whole war on the middle east.

on sept 11 5 israelis were dancing, cheering, smiling, rejoicing, and high fiving at the sight of the WTC crumbling. they were soon to be arrested for being dicks.

now ask yourself why would they be cheering at the meer death of 1000s of innocent people? hmmmm well because now america will go to war with their enemies. first afghanistan, iraq, etc.

Ask yourself why 7 of the hijackers are still alive? yes they are still alive!

You see the media is runned by zionists which brainwashes america to believe some guy in a cave pulled of the most devasting terrorist attack in history. HECK!....our very government is controlled by if the government is being led by a government.


this really awes your mind to how corrupt this world is and how evil people are.

please watch all these videos and leave your comments.
make sure to watch them in order


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