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African shaman performing levitation

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posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 03:25 PM
That was CRAZY! Way cooler than Criss Angel

I doubt for some reason that an African shaman has the money and unseen manipulation that Criss Angel does, so I am inclined to believe that this is real.

That whole quigong magic thread that was hot a couple of weeks ago, as well as this instance goes to show that there are forces of nature that man can manipulate, but given our day to day hectic lives we are unable to connect with nature like these simple focused individuals practicing ancient methods and rituals.

posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 05:03 PM
My little brother used to sleep over at a friends house. All of a sudden he quit going over for sleep overs. When we asked why he told us that he woke up one night to use the bathroom and his friend was floating several inches off of the bed. People need to understand that it is the 3D world that we think is reality that is actually the illusion.

posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 05:12 PM
thats a cool story, maybe he can sleep over one more time and take a polaroid camera with him? I'll tell you what else is cool, how you showed me how to write in orange!!, can you use any color?

what da!! why didnt that work?

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posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 05:14 PM
let me try this again here....testing 1,2,3.

that did it! ha! thanks!

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posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 05:17 PM
I think the reason many folks cannot levitate is because they believe they cannot levitate. I also think it has to do with how materialistic you are. I believe if you are only living in 3D reality and have no spiritual belief then you will not be able to do spiritual things. Many times I have stood at a precipice and thought that if only I believed hard enough that I could jump off and fly away.

In WW2 an Allied bomber squadron was tasked with bombing the monastery in Italy that was the home of Padre Pios religous order. The planes were loaded and the mission was commenced. When the planes were nearing the target, the lead bombers pilot saw Padre Pio floating in the air ahead of him and he refused to release his bombs.

posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 05:19 PM

Originally posted by infiltr8u
thats a cool story, maybe he can sleep over one more time and take a polaroid camera with him? I'll tell you what else is cool, how you showed me how to write in orange!!, can you use any color?

what da!! why didnt that work?

[edit on 1-9-2007 by infiltr8u]

You cannot use apostrophes when using the color tag. My little brother is an adult now and hasn't seen his friend in 25 years.

posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 05:19 PM
reply to post by agent violet

whats telling you its real to me it looks fake come on how many people do these things take david blaine i heard he a devil worshipper

posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 05:25 PM
reply to post by groingrinder

It's true that we hang on to the illusion of our world too much. But this is still most likely to be some kind of magic trick using a cable to raise him up... Somebody mentioned his baggy clothes, just another huge way of hiding things in a levitation trick. If you are saying that someone who doesn't think this shaman is really levitating is not spiritual or is close minded, then I disagree.

We do need to open our minds, falling for this kind of stuff is not the way I choose to do it...

posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 07:02 AM

Originally posted by Arawn

It looks real enough, but then what counts as looking real or not real? He's performing a supposed feat of physical alteration that none of us has seen happening before in front of our eyes so we don't know how levitation would look like. Yes he's wobbly...could he be wobbly because he's on loose supports? That could very well be the case. But then he could be wobbly because he's floating or is suspended on an invisible force, or layer or energy that is not very solid and stable like a concrete floor for example. As we have never seen levitation happen in front of our very eyes (well I certainly haven't,) it's very hard to say exactly what levitation should look like when witnessed.

[edit on 1-9-2007 by Arawn]

Yes Arawn! Thank you for hitting it on the head so perfectly. How do you know what it's supposed to look like? That's what I ask myself everytime I see a levitation or 'alleged levitation', whether by Criss Angel, or by this Shaman.
Yes, it looks strange, when I see Criss do it, it looks very unnatural, almost like it's done with special effects....hmm. But then again, I have NO IDEA what it would actually look like since I have not seen it in real life, so I can't just simply cast it out as NOT REAL.
I do think there are forces/energies/powers in this world that we do not understand, but maybe a few of us do, and we have learned how to leverage those.
And to the person who kept saying why would they levitate instead of using their powers for good? Well, what do you expect them to do with their levitation power? It's not like it's transferrable and they can use that power to feed somebody or something. It's a levitation ability, so what else do you expect them to do with it?
And as to being at night with a fire around him. Maybe he needs to be in that setting to concentrate enough to harness the energy around him to levitate? I mean, you don't see people meditating on a busy new york sidewalk? Peace and Quiet is desirable for that.

posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 08:29 AM

Originally posted by Lexion
Hmmm. Let's see.....

A simple lever mounted behind them,
operated by an "apprentice" would do
just fine.

In my opinion, pure-d hokum.


That's what I'm seeing, too.

If you look at his "wobble", you can see that there is a "pivot point" at about waist level,
He kinda rocks back and forth on it. A long lever from behind running between his legs
would definitely give that effect.

Plus the "side view" camera never shows his back, it's always out of frame or unlit.
Thus you don't see the lever.

Bear in mind that "shamans" and such world wide make their living from fooling
the people to believe that the shaman has "wonderous powers". A good reason to perform such a feat. That would be a use for "levitating".

That and avoiding rampaging lions, I guess.

posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 12:23 PM
reply to post by subject x

Right! I agree here.. Also I would like to add that the camera man that is in the background. Where they say, hey look, this cameraman is back there and its real "magic"!

The cameraman IMO is a prop.. A guy who is part of the trick.. Many trickesters use other people to make their tricks even more belivable!

So, agin this Shaman is manipulating those around him.. Shame on him.
Africa is in dire need of some real help, and all this guy can do is hover?

Why not hover over and get some food for the people hungry.. Or why not hover on over something useful.. I mean if this man is as magical as he claims, why does he not use those powers for good??

He may be in the dark arts, and using evil magic.. If so I suggest staying as far away from him as possbile.. Master minds use fake magic to manipulate people into doing their bidding...
I wonder how rich he is..

Credo Mutwa an african shaman is way out there.. But even he says people like this are frauds.. And thats comming from a guy who talks about the Annunaki!!!

posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 01:17 PM

But then again, I have NO IDEA what it would actually look like since I have not seen it in real life, so I can't just simply cast it out as NOT REAL.

We don't know what it looks like when it's real, but we know what it looks like when it is faked. Learn to do the shoe levitation trick and you will be able to note the similarities even there.

I also can't do the shoe trick unless I am wearing very baggy pajama pants to help hide my foot.

It's the similarities with things we have seen that we KNOW were illusions that this has. Going off of what we know, this matches alot with any other levitation illusion.

posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 01:32 PM
It's so obviously Chi-TeleKinesis

My suspicions were aroused by the wait for darkness. Yeah I know all these weird celebrations happen at night but it would be really convenient to hide ropes and pulleys. cables and hoists etc. The sequence of events supplied by Teratoma is very relevant imho.

The second camera proved nothing, it was as more a prop and diversion than any real attempt to prove or out the "trick". The guys movements and the big floppy dress could be hiding anything. Actually the dress is a major point. If it is so draining to the geezer, then he should be carrying as little excessive weight as possible, why carry the extra weight of the dress?

I can understand people who have not seen an illusionist working falling for it or maybe some of the guys from the Chris Angel Cult but not anyone who has seen an illusionist and doesn't suffer from delusion.

I am all for being open minded, but open minded doesn't mean I am gullible

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 10:02 AM
He's obviously a fan of Chris Angel. Nothing supernatural here.

Here's Chris Angel levitating

Chris' levitation is more convincing.

It's just a trick people.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 10:34 AM

Originally posted by Teratoma

This is probably very similar to the way you all watched it, whether you noticed these things consciously or not. The footage we were all waiting for, the "money shot" was cleverly left out. If someone took the time, money and other resources to get two cameras out there to get visual proof of this act, they failed miserably.

I agree with lacking the money shot. A full 360 pan would have been nice and most importantly since digital is free a uncut running camera as they prepare the circle and the chief walks up and steps in is critical too.

The same thoughts were going through my head when I saw the second camera for that guy to pan out and do a 360, or with multi cameras covering all angles. As it is on this film he could he wearing a leather harness under those flowing robes and something as simple as a log on a pivot could do it too. The lack of the critical back shot rather disappointed me.

If it was real I suggest if someone is willing to go through all the trouble to film it then at least do it right.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 10:44 AM

Originally posted by Novise
I also can't do the shoe trick unless I am wearing very baggy pajama pants to help hide my foot.

It's the similarities with things we have seen that we KNOW were illusions that this has. Going off of what we know, this matches alot with any other levitation illusion.

I also can do the shoe trick and I agree. The greatest thing since the sleight of hand is the camera. Misdirection is no longer needed to cover-up your trick for all you need now is the right camera angle just like the right angle is needed on the shoe trick to make it work, a camera is the magician's best friend. If anyone wants to say that what they do is real they better be able to accomplish it in a controlled environment under real scrutiny.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 11:16 AM
What a shame that none of you who disbelieve this event can show any tricks or props or wires..never. All you have is guesses and poor ones at that. Look at the video of Criss Angel levitating on the golf course and tell us all about the invisible cranes and helicopters holding him up..and tell us about the witnesses, all paid off, right? And don't forget to tell us all about the invisible wires and platforms that can never be photographed or witnessed..and also remember that for many years, not ONE other person on earth has been able to duplicate Cris Angels events. Not one. Ever.

Not ONE example can you give us that shows his high levitations being tricked. Props are not POSSIBLE in some of his events because it they were there they would be seen. Saying " Its all magic " is elementary school talk; we want some proof. SHOW US ONE person that has seen the ' props ' that are supposedly there. Tell us how props can be invisible please.

Here is the real issue: Many of you are stuck in a limited paradigm insofar as reality goes. you CANNOT believe in levitation because it would challenge you so badly that your limited awareness would be threatened and you would be freaked out. Thats it in a nutshell. you can't handle the truth. You would deny Criss Angels abilities even if he levitated right in front of you at arms length. You would claim that he just has the ability to trick you even though it seems impossible to do so. You would deny reality. You would claim that someone drugged or hypnotized you. THAT is how denial refuses to see the obvious.

Here is a video of Criss Angel levitating in a room with witnesses all around, freaked out, and there are NO wires or props; they would be seen or felt by the observers. Of course you can get silly and claim that they are all in on it..etc. but there is NO proof of that and never has been. You will see the video and still many of you will go to ridiculous lengths to deny reality. What it means is what disturbs you; if you were to admit that people can levitate, then that makes you ask yourself " Why can't I levitate"? It makes you feel so inferior that yopu deny it outright.

If you do not feel inferior seeing it, then you feel that too many hard questions will HAVE to be answered in order to deal with the new reality and many of you are NOT into introspection and a hard look at yourselves. Easier to claim that no one can levitate rather than face the evidence and facts and accept it. See how desperate the denier's are? They will pick apart a plainly clear video and make silly claims about camera angle and allege ' cables ' that must be hanging from open sky!! The people filming the event stated exactly what was observed and the camera man moved all around the fire and event..If you cannot accept that then you are looking for a way to DISbelieve, rather than learn.

Your minds are made up, you are not ready to explore new paradigms, you are stuck in a world of certainty which gives you some degree of comfort but which does NOT answer the questions or satisfy the enquiring mind.Remember, there is NO PROOF OR EVIDENCE, whatsoever, that shows Criss using props in his high levitations and there is no one on earth, including our witch doctor here, that can DUPLICATE Criss events.No one has and no one will, because it is NOT trricks and props..if it was we would be seeing a lot of people doing the same thing. But we never do.

This medicine man or whatever in Africa is levitating using the same things Criss uses, and it is NOT cheap trricks or props that are invisible. It is the forces that cannot be seen but which can effect material reality. See for yourself some proof of levitation and open your minds.

Now, I realize that the more seriously challenged denier's will say that this is a trick, but notice that they cannot give any PROOF of that, they cannot point to any props, and they cannot give us anything except to claim that the witnesses are all stooges, actors, that stay loyal forever to Criss for some reason. That is pretty thin for proof, don't you think? Here is PROOF of ability to levitate and yet the denier's will scream and holler and deny, all despite the fact that all they have are GUESSES AND SUPPOSITIONS. Sorry, but guesses and suppositions are NOT proofs or evidential in any way.

Open your your minds. Stop seeing things that are not there and accept what you see. NO PROOF of props means NO PROPS are there. Lets hear the intelligent replies to this one!! I can just imagine the weak and baseless ways this could have been faked..

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 12:27 PM
reply to post by eyewitness86

Hey man, you worry about your mind and I will worry about mine. We are all on our own paths.

There is no need to insult and add personal attacks against those who don't believe it is real. In fact if I am so unevolved and ignorant then you should pity poor me.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 01:02 PM
reply to post by eyewitness86

That's an awful lot of vitriol for someone who claims to be so open-minded. You know NOTHING about my "belief system". I bet a room full of believers, even people who have witnessed an actual levitation with their own eyes would say EXACTLY THE SAME things about the 'shaman' video that I did.

You debunk your own uber-gullible belief system by arguing that "no one has any proof" to back up the concept that it's fake. The whole point of catching this on video would be to provide proof of the feat. WHY? Because the "burden of proof" does not lie with the "debunkers" ...And if the cult of blind-believers is not concerned with "proving" this act, why make a video? And why make one THAT DOESN'T PROVE ANYTHING?

I'll reiterate; I believe levitation in possible, but this video does not show a levitation.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 02:17 PM
Trust eyewitness to come in here and start being abusive, claiming that everyone who thinks it's not real must be out of their minds and using his usual sentences. He has never proven anyone can levitate, neither have the 'debunkers.' That's all ok, but the way he puts his arguments together, and they are arguments, is damn right wrong! Unfortunately eyewitness this is the real world. A place where people are entitled to their own opinions because like an asshole, everyones got one! 'Many-a-time' I see you basically 'slagging off' the non believers, critisising them that they aren't open minded and that they need to broaden their minds...but you do it all rather harshly. Again, I have to inform you that not everyone here will agree with you, and not everyone here will believe the 'debunkers,' but isn't that what this place is about? Freedom of speech? A place where we feel safe posting about strange instances and events because society would think we are crazy.

Sometimes I read your posts and I really think you are the one who needs to start 'broadening' your mind. Actually realise that people are entitled to their opinions, however crazy they may sound, and stop being so damn right abusive! Every post by you concerning this subject (levitation) undermines the intelligence of the debunkers. Basically saying that what you're saying must be true, and what they are absolutely bonkers. I have to wake you up again for the 3rd time and tell you that most of the people here are in fact very sane, and some of the 'rants,' and that's what they are, portrayed by yourself boarder on insanity itself!

Please don't reply with a post that undermines my intelligence, as I so expect that's what you shall do. Number one, you don't know me (thank god.) Number two, you have no idea of my lifestyle, background and education. And number three, you have no knowledge of my beliefs to do with supernatural events. The reason for this post? I'm just sick and tired of you jumping on the backs of people who have different opinions to you. Simply that!

I'm sorry I had to write the above paragraph but I feel he will do exactly what I wrote. Post back, laughing, mocking and trying to ridicule someone who has different beliefs that him. In doing so he just makes himself look juvenile.

The video is very good, interesting and leaves many people wondering what is actually happening. Continue to discuss!

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