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At least 8 (Debris) clearly changing direction in less than 4 minutes in nasa video!STS-75

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posted on Aug, 29 2007 @ 05:58 PM
Good day

Google Video Link

I know this as been discussed before even with threads going on right now
but i feel this deserves a new push

I saw that tether video at least 3 or 4 times through the years
always fascinated me by the amount of debris flying around.
then a video pointing to one of the debris going in one direction than changing course.
that was a few years ago.

Anyway last night i'm looking at "hikix" thread about the theter video.
i'm looking at the video and it's like there all popping up in front of me
changing direction just like on a freeway!

After looking at it for about an hour i was a little shook up.
A little obsessed about it just like richard dreyfus in (close encounter)

Bottom line is of all the evidence i saw through the years
this is the one i would feel most confident with
confronting nasa

1***2:29 upper middle
almost on top
appears then just stays there for a second
than just dives at different speeds

appears just at the lower left of the tether.
it goes up following the tether than the camera zooms on it and you can clearly see it do a u-turn

behind the tether

3***3:17 lower left
it appears...goes for the tether and notice it's direction right after it crosses it.
not very clear because of the reflection

4***3:39 the camera jerks and you will notice a big one going from left to right just on the tip of the

but it was not there a second ago
notice how it drop just as the camera jerks and then goes to the right.

5***4:55 another juicy one
appears in the lower left as the camera zoom out
again the shape big bright and pulsating
it goes straight for the tether and i believe it is inspecting it and again a u-turn

6***5:06 it appears just under the tether.goes through it
than stops and comes back all the way down.

7***5:10 upper left
when it appears it should continue up but then it goes down...
all the same shape

8***5:15 appears in lower left of the screen big and bright
it goes straight to the right but before it get's to the other takes a 90 degree turn down

All the ufo's i pointed out are the same shape with the dot on the right.

just something bizzare
5:54 appears from upper left and is going up in diagonal.
looks like it burst into flames
maybe a reflection.

To me it makes sense
12 miles long tether in space is not something you see every day
even for a ufo

i can just imagine them inspecting the tether and saying
"never mind it's just garbage debris from those idiots at planet earth"

open to all comments


posted on Aug, 29 2007 @ 06:32 PM
Everyone should watch 'The Secret NASA Transmissions'
I could safely call it an UFO cult classic.

"Martin Stubbs is a former cable TV station manager from Vancouver in Canada who, over a period of five years, used his station’s satellite array to record 2,500 hours of space shuttle transmissions via NASA’s downlink. Since March 11th, 2000, when some of Martin’s footage was released on video there has been considerable debate as to the origin and makeup of anomalous objects seen within the footage. In his first-ever public appearance, Martyn reveals how he came to make this shocking discovery and presents startling new facts and images that support the claim of those who maintain we are not alone."

NASA took great pains to encrypt their signals after this, so you'll never get this again.

posted on Aug, 29 2007 @ 06:51 PM
I could accept the debris theory..but there's SO MUCH of it coming in from both sides of the screen..where's it flyin IN from?? It seems infinite and surely it would have flown away from the incident if its just particles of broken tether..but its coming in from all sides randomly? Huh...

posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 05:35 AM
Yes "the secret nasa transmissions" is really the most (in)credible piece of video evidence ever to prove the existence of UFOs. Even if the anomalous phenomena shown throughout the video cannot be proven to be alien entities or extra-terrestrial vehichles, or even of ET origin. I think that this has got to be to most authentic source to prove that there are undescribable events occuring within our solar system and earth atmosphere. And not just in the STS-75 video, there are alot of nasa feeds that show various anomalous phenomena.

At first glance the videos seems to begs the question "do these phenomena appear to be intellegent?" Some people and even scientists might say no. Alot of these object appear to move in straight flight paths, in one direction. But upon closer inspection, some of the objects actually change course. Like in the one video, where it appears that some sort of flash occurs down toward earth, and then u see a projectile hurling straight toward the UFO flying west in the video, but then suddenly changes direction and reverses to start heading east, just in the nick of time to avoid impacting with the projectile.

Either way, this "secret nasa transmisions" video is one of the most fascinating ufo videos ive seen. It also includes what i consider to be some of the most influential, and credible video of unidentified anomalous space phenomena . NASA appears to be caught red handed with this one. That is unless u believe all these phenomenon are really ice particles, and space junk, ect.

If u havent seen it, its a must see. There is also a "secret nasa transmisions 2" video or something to that effect where David Serade breaks down alot of the data contained in the transmissions and gives you his opinion on these nasa feeds. (after watching "from here to andromeda" though, i must say that David Serada seems to be caught on the nutcase fence)

posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 05:06 PM
It's STS-75 revival time! I started a thread also, with detailed imaging of every sterwing ice particle™ !

Viewed this video many times but still no deep analysis, strange.... some link of previous analysis?

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