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short versus long manifestation of ET craft

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posted on Aug, 29 2007 @ 03:42 PM
Earlier today, I had a conversation with a Friend of mine about the type of manifestation of ET craft that had happened during CSETI Training field work.

Connecting the dots, we realized that any exo-atmospheric manifestation would potentially be of longer duration. Based on a few Disclosure Project witness, we now know that the quarantine currently over our planet also includes the deactivation of any weapon and targeting system facing out in space. This would allow these craft to "give a better show" to us down here.

You might have all noticed that in the 40s-50s, the amount of solid manifestation was a lot higher. Ever since the 70s, with the development of these space based weapon system, the ETs have had very limited chance to materialize, without been targeted and/or been shot down.

Again, from various DP testimony, we are now made aware that it is more and more dangerous, both for the contact group and for the ETs to enter a full physical contact situation.

Over the 3 days training, in Montreal, we had astonishing display up in space but only very brief visible/physical contact down in the ground.

We were also made aware that, some military satellite have neutrino detector and the targeting systems can now follow these object if they are in an astral/etheric form. The moment the become full materialized, these satellite can fire with scalar weapons and down these vehicles.

In hope this shines some lights on the ETV physical and semi-physical manifestation .

(c) August 2007 ETD.

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