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CiA tech

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posted on Aug, 29 2007 @ 03:55 AM
I would like to know about some of the most interesting CIA,Darpa etc technologies out there. Also how to beat them thus making them more secure. Also anyone know of the contract sites that tend to list a short on these technologies. I believe there are multiple companies owned by the CIA which are public that do list somewhat of a summary for the investors.

Some of the interesting and abeit scary I have seen are;

Type/Typing recognition software - This seemed to be only a matter of time. People don't even recognize how many things they do that offer a finger print per say. However if one was keen this was being done to them they could put things between their fingers, eliminate x finger while typing, dropping to one hand with added variances. It than becomes like cryptology because there will be a pattern within a broken one.

Voice cloning- One time I was working a switchboard and got a call and it was like I was talking to myself. Mind you this was quite a few years ago and I just frooze. That was just scary. Make chatter be anything you want with that. Framing to a whole new level. I could not think how this could be beat if they had a sample of you unless you changed your original and kept a high variance but again like the typing.

EM/EM Pulse technologies than can offer an array of effects on targets. From shutting down a city to doing god knows what on a human. Anyone know if humans are affected? I have always been curious to sheilds to various signals and ranges. Also wondered if something could be developed where it would find its way in and return or bounce back. Like any building has some sort of air source unless its self contained. I was thinking of some sort of high powered signal being able to travel down an air pipe or through water and be powerful enough to return. Than again anything that powerful could be picked up. However some applications you just need confirmation of said data.

I know there are many more so please add anything you would like.

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