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Could Leo Wanta deal Be Cause of Heavy Troops In DC?

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posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 11:21 PM
Found an interesting reference to Wanta from the Reagan Library:

The other people mentioned in the document are John Roberts (Supreme Court), Fred Fielding (Nixon advisor), Richard Hauser (Boeing senior attorney), and Diana Lady Dougan (Ambassador).

Odd that searching for any other names in the document produces numerous reputable hits, while searching for Leo Wanta just produces conspiracy sites.

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by America Jones

Interesting. The document in the link had a lot of blacked out info.

The whole Leo Wants story is interesting. But I feel it's probably not true.

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 11:28 PM
I just stumbled on this case tonight and am intrigued, especially in light of current economic events. Anyone still looking into this ?

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 01:21 PM

Originally posted by maudeeb
Anyone still looking into this ?

Oh yeah. Have posted about this individual's actions in relation to the ruble and theft of assets from Russians on behalf of his corporation. Who knows what's behind it all?

Thanks for trying to bounce this oldie maudeeb. I don't know much about Story and Sterling but also do I not know much about money laundering and who is on the scent of the people who undermine our world.

And then I watch that Batman movie where some of the gangsters have almost a righteous perspective on themselves, as if they are the true defenders of something real. So who has the moral high ground in this war? Personally I think the good guys can be identified by the 100-mile stare in their eyes, just like in any war.

If one reads the archives of, and also the works of Claire Sterling, one is left with a clear understanding that some kind of money scheme is used but that also there are real assets underneath. Wanta is connected and probably has dirt on some? Don't they have dirt on each other? When do we reward realness instead of multi-agents and diffracted personalities?

But yet, there is a vacuum near Story and Wanta that seems impermeable. One need only ridicule the "Story" as it were, and one can Delphi such discussions. But if the facts can be laid out and if the argument can be made, I am 100% certain that Russia as a country and a people, will take action, based on the circumspect but also salient data collected by these two authors.

I am saying that the data here, would cause a jury to take action, particularly if that jury is the Russians who got looted. Also no vacuum seal applied via the mass media (redirection toward 'conspiracy kook' ad-hom labeling) which involves the looting of property from Russia and other places near them which took place under guys like Wanta and other money-tech experts.

Can we agree that Hitler and Goebbels were right? Can we also agree that if someone were handing out leaflets in Germany in 1945 saying any truth about the war, that Germans would imprison such persons? It was in fact Total War, globally, right? We do know Hitler had a sequel to his book in the wings, right?

Here is what wikipedia tell me at this moment in time (Spring 2009):


By 1945 the Nazi Party and the Nazi state were inseparable. When the German armies surrendered to the Allies in May 1945 and the German state ceased to exist, the Nazi Party, despite its 8.5 million nominal members and its nation-wide organisational structure, also ceased to exist. Its most fanatical members either killed themselves, fled Germany or were arrested. The rank-and-file burned their party cards and sought to blend back into German society. By the end of the war Nazism had been reduced to little more than loyalty to the person of Adolf Hitler, and his death released most Nazis from even this obligation.

I am being told by the "academic" article above (Wikipedia only accepts articles from scholastic sources, no lunatics please...) that the Nazi Party with a certainty is done, dead, finito.

Also being told by the vacuum around Story, Wanta and Sterling that there is nothing to see. Also, the facts are mired in underworld courts in Europe and hidden away under much dirt, sediment and blocks crafted by masons.

It is an interesting Story, if not 100% true. 95% pure will do in this case, circa 2009.

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