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False flag dream.

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posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 01:24 PM
Okay. Im just going to say sorry for any errors I literally just woke up.

I just woke up from quite a terrifing dream on August 28th 12:04 MST. (Today) It was quite a long dream that started with me having to get all my upper teeth removed for some reason, and in order to do that I was supposed to get some sort of liquid that would kill me, so they could take them out. As I was unwillingly going to get the liquid I found that some random secretary girl was on my side. And she was helping me in any way she could. I got rid of that first dose and she appeared with a second dose that was clear, after this I ended up becoming lucid in this dream (More on that later) and was wandering the place my dreams are allways set in.

Now I have some dreams in other places but alot of the time there in a surreal, diffrent but not way far in the future version of West edmonton mall, this time it was very industrial, like how TV shows in the 90's thought 2010 would look like.

After becoming lucid I escaped this complex and returned to where my home was in the dream, I found my sister there and we ended up going outside to our park. (o.O I know odd, but it is a dream) From there we saw a disc shaped craft just infront of us about 200m up fly forward then go straight up and arc and slam directly into the ground, while in shock my sister sat there with a camera ignoring the "Why the hell arent you taking a picture?! What are you doing?!?!" coming from me, I got fed up and ended up taking a picture on my cellphone, sadly it was a dream cellphone because if in real life this picture would have proved alien existance without a doubt.

Anyways I'll give you a time line of sorts.

The triangle shaped craft flew down into the ground, then after that two 'crafts' that only appeared as two parallel lights flew out of the ground and came to rest about 200m above the impact zone. After that all hell broke loose, I saw army looking cars and people shooting at it like wild, they didnt seem to be making any head way, and by this point in the dream I had forgot about my lucididy, it was all too real.

Now, after I had taken my picture one disc shaped craft silently flew up to our house, me and my sister ran in and I woke up in my bed. Still in a dream although not knowing, I got up, realised this was not my house and instantly became more lucid then I have ever been. I went up to the higher levels of my hamster-tube-house (Best way to describe it, just a house with lots of tube like hallways connecting it.) And I found a door coverd in some sort of plasma sheild. Being lucid I willed it away, ended up with a weapon and jumped outside to join the fight.

Armed with the inate knowledge that this was a false flag operation I went out and shot everything that moved, us army, AND the beings. I probably would not have shot the beings if they were not destroying my house. I happen to prefer any living creature over this US army, (Not the good one, this was defiantly the blackest of ops.)

My last moment I remember being lucid and assleep was finding another one of those doors, and even in my lucid all controlling state I could not open it. And after flying and destroying alot of things just by willing it so not being able to enter a door was a very chilling feeling.

I really wanted to recount this dream as to not forget it, and also to see if anyone else has had a dream similar in this past night. The moment I woke up I had a strange feeling that I was not the only one to get this dream. And I would have to say, when the false flag does happen. Im prepared.


posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 02:43 PM
I just want to bump this because I have a really strong feeling im not the only one who had this dream.

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