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Fed's Leaders may be placed in COG on Aug. 31!!!!

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posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 08:33 AM
Apparently, there may be a real fire behind this smoke.

I came across something else that's alarming and worthy of note. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors is apparently going to meet in aContinuity of Operations (COOP) -- part of the Continuity of Government (COG) plan -- center in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on Aug. 31.

Now, initially, I chalked this up to paranoia and misinformation. You see, the Fed meets annually at Jackson Hole for its annual symposium. There's nothing new to the date or the meeting.

Except this time, what's strange is just how untrumpeted it has been. There's a simple calendar date announcing Greenspan's speech on the 31st. But the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas has absolutely no information on the upcoming event -- which is pretty unusual given that this is nothing more than an econo-geek convention.

Now, the key here is that it's the Board of Governors who is supposed to be holed up in the COG. First, there's no mention of any BofG meeting at Jackson Hole -- or anytime for that matter at all-- on the BofG's web site.

For background information, I'm not sure if Jackson Hole is the new location for COG for the Federal Reserve. Up until 1997, the Fed's COG location was Mt. Pony in W. Va. But that facility was shuffled off to private hands and the government has never disclosed the new COG location for the Fed. I'm assuming they have one, and whether Jackson Hole is or not is open to debate.

I called the Fed media relations person and got a highly unusual answer. I really expected to get a flat-out denial. But when asked if the BoG was meeting, she conceded that members of the BoG would be at the symposium, but as to whether an actual BoG meeting would take place, she said "no comment." And asked if the BofG was meeting as part of a COG exercize, again was given a no comment. That's highly unusual and is tantamount in beurocratic speak for "I cannot confirm nor deny the information you are asking me...."

I'm the first to admit I'm chicken little, but this plus all the other signs mentioned in the past week on various threads, has me convinced we're about to see something dramatic happen.

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posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 11:52 AM
"Why would the Fed Board of Governors decide to meet in such a place unless they KNOW something terribly huge is going to happen to the United States next month?" - taken from the link you posted.

I dunno, "important" people need to be secure when they're discussing private info, right? IMO, its an either-or situation. Something might happen, or they might just want security and privacy at their meeting. It's really hard to say, but it is undeniably creepy that they would choose to go there. Who knows? I'm going to keep a look out

posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 12:01 PM
This has already been posted:

Please add you comments to that thread.


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