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My Smokers' Rights: Plus a few questions for my fellow addicts.

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posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by earthchild

I live in Queensland and I am incensed at the stupid smoking laws. I don't smoke even inside my own home, and follow all the laws, but I also go to the Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital regularly, sometimes weekly. The law is No Smoking on the grounds of the hospital and you will get moved along or fined, depending on security's mood at the time, if you are within spitting distance of the footpath.
Now.....These poor people - patients, visitors, staff, have no cover from the sun or rain, the are an absolute spectacle to all passersby standing along the footpath trying to enjoy a smoke in what is, I imagine, quite often, a stressful situation. The area is also the main pathway to the front entrance! And is filled with dead butts as the 2 small ashtrays (on the footpath) are always overflowing.
There is an area there where I feel could be covered, supplied with bins and ashtrays and SEATS, that could be used by smokers. It's not asking too much to be allowed some semblance of dignity, surely
The way we are treated by the government seems to give anyone and everyone the right to treat us as second class citizens. We are glared at, huffed at, and some of the nasty comments....well! And some of the things that parents have let their children say to me have been atrocious.
We smokers all KNOW that it is bad for our health, and we realize that our smoke can and does annoy non-smokers, and so 99% of us do the right thing - But for Heaven Sake, give us some dignity! Don't make a spectacle of us, we are like monkey's in a cage at the local pubs, most places can'even take a drink into the same area!!!!
We live in a democracy - ha - I don't think, Big Brother is watching and taking all our choices from us!

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