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Paranormal politics

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posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 09:15 PM
Just a warning, this is a long post.

I went to an area known for malicious paranormal activity recently with an acquaintance I met here on ATS and my significant other and had a series of unexplainable events happen. I was lucky enough to have two people with me who witnessed, heard, and felt some of the same experiences. Is their such thing as co-creating a situation? Although we all are open minded, we all are also even keel and try and explain anything and everything in rational terms first. I’m not going to name, names. But we are decent people. Not to mention we are all fairly educated and by no means fools. The realization I had after the trip was not what I had expected.
From underground bases and conspiracy theories to extraterrestrial life and UFOs, I always try to use the easier explanation in situations where the mind can fill in the reality with it’s own interpretation. At what point are we as humans ok to “let go” of our rational constructs around us, loosening the grip of reality as we know it, and begin to believe the truly perplexing observations propagated by the paranormal? Isn’t it rational to eventually cave in and begin to become “a believer” after a series of events have the same outcome when certain steps are taken? Wouldn’t it be insanity to continue doing the same thing expecting different results?
I believe I am getting to that point. I originally had my first dealing with the unexplained at a very young age. I was in my home country of Costa Rica. Although I was born in Costa Rica, I came with my father and mother to the United States at a very young age to meet my other set of grandparents, and we ended up staying. Although my family owned two ranches in Costa Rica, my father and mother agreed to live in the United States. My parents would send me to Costa Rica every summer to visit with the rest of my family over summer vacation. I thought this was normal, until I became an adult and realized how nice it is to be a child without responsibilities. Regardless, I was at an aunts house one evening and was in the guest bedroom. I had just been watching action movies with my older cousin and we finally went to bed. I was laying in bed, about to go to sleep and then I felt cold and claw-like hands and fingers grab my big toe on my left foot. I fleetingly believe it must be my cousin playing a trick on me, laughed, and stood up to run over to the light. I looked under the bed and in the closet. I turned the light on and realized there was no one in the room other than myself! The room had only one entrance and the door was closed. I felt very cold chills at this point as if life as I knew it was about to change.
I went back to the bed, turned the light off and tried to sleep. After just a few moments, it happened again. However this time with more strength and vigor. It was so strong that I was pulled down the bed a foot or so. This was really trying to get me. I turned the light on, and sat on the bed crying and thinking. The only thing that went through my mind was if I was to battle this evil the rest of my life or not. (Remarkably enough this ended up being the truth in different more subtle ways.) I was an altar boy and very spiritual, so I hit my knees and prayed, and prayed. I asked: What can I do to make this stop? I heard a resounding answer that said it will always be there, but leave the light on and you will see it coming. I left the light on the rest of the night and I was not bothered. I told my aunt and my mother the tale and they both believed me, since I was so serious and got so emotional about the whole situation, even though it was the next morning I had not forgot and wouldn’t for quite some time.
That same toe had similar problems later in life as I have written on another thread. I recommend you read:
This same thing came to haunt me later in life and the reality of the supposed un-real experience became more of the reality. Everything came full circle! In an even more odd twist, The room I was actually sleeping in that evening also became a focal point of poltergeist like activity later. The room was a guest room because no one felt comfortable sleeping there. Other guests reported issues and odd experiences in the room. My aunt’s daughter (my cousin) later lived in the room. She was foolishly dating a man who was married. And later became pregnant by the man. The man said he would leave his wife if he could, but couldn’t because she was a witch. He was dead serious. She would surely put a curse on him and he would die. She thought this was ridiculous and confronted the woman. A week or so after the confrontation she began seeing black cats jumping wall to wall in the room she now slept in. The cats would scratch her and leave deep slices in her face hands and arms. She told her parents, but they didn’t know what to think. At night she couldn’t sleep in the room and said that hands would slap her in the face and move the furniture about. She would have large clumps of hair pulled from her scalp and had bald bloody spots on her head. My family decide to have prayer circles and try to pray for her while she was in the center. They took her to one of my wealthy uncle’s homes, figuring this would be the safest of places. They began praying for her. She would not stop yelling the a man in a picture was laughing at her. She ranted and raved that the man in the picture was laughing at her. The picture was just a picture of some ships on the ocean. My uncle had bought the home fully furnished and the picture had come with the home. After she relentlessly continued ranting. My aunt who was the owner of the home they were in decided to take the picture down, so she would calm down. She was horrified, when she pulled the picture down, because it had a diabolical face painted on the back of the picture of a man laughing. She had never known this and lived there for years. Again an example of odd coincidence coming full circle so to speak.
More below:

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posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 09:15 PM
My cousin continued having poltergeist activity traumatize her for another few months until she fell helplessly into a coma. By now my family was beginning to believe that the married man she was seeing was in fact married to a witch. She gave birth to the child while in a coma (caesarian). It took her over a year to pull out of the coma. And when she did, it was rumored that the man and his wife had moved. Whether or not this was all connected will always remain a mystery.
Aside from telling a true story of my family's plight, my point is to target a firsthand example of what can happen when people don’t believe the experiences they are having, and therefore don’t deal with the phenomena on the terms necessary to fix the issue. Everything that has ever happened to me pales in comparison to my cousins plight. However, as I grow older ( I am 32 yrs old), I am beginning to believe in what works. If you go to place known for UFOs, you are more likely to see a UFO. If you go to a place that is supposedly haunted, you are more likely to see unexplainable entities. And if you go deeper in the forest you are more likely to see something that has hidden from man for centuries.
Aside from going into example after example of different events. My question to the educated open minds here on ATS is this: At what point are we as humans ok to “let go” of our rational constructs around us, loosening the grip of reality as we know it, and begin to believe the truly perplexing observations propagated by the paranormal? Is it acceptable to believe in UFOs if there is a mass sighting? Does the amount of people who view an actual phenomena occur lend any type of credence? Take places where many have seen phenomena occur…… The place I recently went was the Skin walker Ranch. It was unreal the way my mind opened up.
I’m not a freak or a weirdo. I am a conservative republican, most of my friends are liberals. Everyone who meets me and knows me for a considerable period, is astounded when I break down and tell them I’m open minded to certain kinds of phenomena, especially UFOs and Bigfoot. I find it interesting people are more likely to believe in spirits than UFOs and Bigfoot. I believe all three can potentially exist. I get a lot of comments along the lines of: “ I didn’t think you were that kind of guy”. And I can't help but think of our founding fathers, guys who ran around in the rain with kites and keys tied to them, trying to get zapped by lightning. Why is it easier to believe one way or the other. Is it so hard to be open minded and cautious? Why are so many happy being close-minded and theoretically safe? It must be the safety and security.
I think being open minded is an asset especially in these times. With a horrible war in place. Terrorists holding us mentally hostage. Government using our fear as an excuse to control us. The USA heading for a recession. And society as a whole having few things they agree on, wealth and materialism being two. I hate to turn this into a political issue infringing on America, but it is.

In my opinion,
A quote from Ben Franklin say it best :

"Those who are willing to give up liberty for security, deserve neither."

Why is it so shunned upon to be educated and open minded?
Why not think freely?
Is there a way to measure when it is ok to give reality stretch and start to open up?

I for one would like to know.

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posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 11:31 AM
opening up to that kind of phenomena would instantly destroy world order and society as we know it and it would cause mass paranoia and hysteria. imagine what would happen to religions and science.

i bet that 80% of population believe in paranormal but stay blind to it.
and if The Man says that bigfoot doesn't exist, well, thats one thing less to worry about, if you get my drift.

good thread, but you're fighting the windmills here.

posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 12:26 PM
You are absolutely right! I know I am beating a dead horse, and claiming the obvious so to speak. It's not the people on ATS I think we need to worry about. Instead it is the masses of sheeple out there. I am just glad to have the opportunity of interact with like minded individuals.

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