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Personal predictions... how much notice should one take?

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posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 04:49 AM
This has probably been opend before but my initial search didn't yield any thread, besides sometimes it's nice to starter over fresh.

I sometimes get very vivid dreams, and it would seem that so do many of you guys here

But how much notice do you take to your dreams after you have awoken? Is it some kind of gut feeling that compels you to react or remember a certain dream and it then gets lodged inside you with a reminisence of prediction?
Or could it simply be another leftover from daily readings and your personal daily life that after a subconsious thoughtthrough (hehe, yeah, I believe our mind can be active subconsiously
) becomes a vivid dream?

To be honest I mostly don't think about my dreams anymore. It's probably because I don't seek out to confirm a vivid dream would actually happen. But this dream kinda got to me...

My own vivid dreams range from pleasant to truly scary, but doesn't occur every night. Last night I had one again...

I was in Turkey in what seemed like either an airport or a shoppingmall, those two can be far apart yes, but I remember large portions of the walls being glass. For some reason there was reporters at this place covering some story... it seemed to have a criminal intend to it. I stop up like any ignorant fool and watch as the reporter ramble on about something.

Suddenly the building across to the left from the one that I was in exploded in a huge fireball that also ingulfed a lot of the cars parked outside and the people that was there.
Debris came hurling through the glass walls and everyone hit the floor. The reporters then began to report what had happend. Stating the number of dead had exceeded 200 people and so on... and... that it somehow was tied into something that was happening in Copenhagen at the same time.
Wether it was an explosion or what it was I didn't pick up on.

I then left the building I was in... now I remember that it was the airport. The reason I left was because after the explosion all traffic had been closed there. I decided to go downtown to find another way of escaping and then the dream ends while Im in midtown.


Now, I have never been to Turkey, I don't have family there, and I actually never been told firsthand stories about vacations there. So my knowledge of the place is very limited. Crist, I don't even bother to read about them in the news.

Copenhagen might be a easy one to take out of the equation, since I come from Denmark. But I've only been to Copenhagen twice in my life and only one of those times was I at the airport.
I do have family there, but I very rarely speak to them. (maybe that is the deal around this story?

But when do you decide that your dream is a prediction or not?


posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 06:53 PM
I think when you really feel it in your heart of hearts that your dream is absolutely prophetic, that's when you know.

For instance, 15 years ago I had constant dreams that the woman I was married to was a rotten, lieing, mind screwing piece of crap that would leave me and woohoo when I'd wake up I'd feel it in my BONEZZZZ I'm tellin' ya!! Sure enough, poof out the door she went


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