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Quebec Convergence

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posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 09:10 PM
I rarely post, but want to ask at this time if anyone sees an odd convergence of some news from Quebec, Canada:

- large portion of downtown Montreal underground shut down due to"cracks in a tunnel" (setup for an event?)

- leaders SPP (=NAU) summit in Montibello and the cops as "agent provocateurs" amongst protesters story

- Glenn Beck interviewee (missed his name) railing on the African-Muslim french-speaking immigrant population in Montreal presenting a "northern border threat" to the US

- the sovereigntest penchant of Quebecois being a huge stumbling block to an NAU/Amero implementation

- recent casualties amongst the Van Doos (Quebec-based) regiment of the Canadian military in Afghanistan as a + or - in popular opinion regarding our mission there

How might these be related beyond coincidence?


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