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Scientists Study Out-Of-Body Experiences

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posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 08:39 PM
From External Source

Scientists Study out-of-body Experienced

The stories seem strange but riveting. A heart attack victim recalls floating in the air, watching paramedics revive him. A surgical patient remembers hovering, watching the doctors operate. Such widely reported out-of-body experiences have long been the territory of theology, philosophy and scary movies. Now scientists have turned their attention to the topic.

Researchers in England and Switzerland have figured out ways to confuse the sensory signals received by the brain, allowing people to seem to be standing aside and watching themselves.

No, they're not using drugs, legal or otherwise----

----------The brain can trick itself."

As a person who has had these experiences, and it's kindred; translocation, llucidity, and those like experiences we call "visions", for want of a better English term, I just wonder if it is the Brain that is *tricking itself*-- or are these Scientists just tricking the Brain.

I personally feel that the statement by one of them that ,"The 'self' resides in the physical body", (apparently referring to the Brain), is amiss---I disagree with it. Why? Because nowhere in the article did I see Spirit recognized as a dynamic component of Life. Of course not. Spirit cannot be measured and, so, cannot be scientifically studied by other than the process of Quantitative Analysis and Statistics.

I ask that you read the Article linked as "External Source" above, and discuss your opinions in this thread.


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