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Its the Biggest party of the summer, Summer Slam

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posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 02:39 PM
Hey every one were hours away from the biggest party of the summer, summer slam.

Return matches for Rey and Hunter. Ray will have to square off against chavo, chavo nearly ended rays carreer back in an 'I Quit' match some time ago.

Hunter also known as Triple H, The cerebrle assassin, the game and King of Kings, will be going 1 on 1 against King booker, this match is to deside who si the king f WWE once and for all, Booker beat Jerry the king Lawler a few weeks ago, and is it HHH's time now ?

The Luckyest man in sports entertainment, John Cena is going against the legend killer Randy orton, Orton has taken out the likes of Sgt Slaughter, RVD, Shawn micheals and Dusty Rhodes. This is truely a Unmovable object vs the unstoppble force.

In a last mintue annocement, Umage will be goin 1 on 1 on 1 with, Carlito and Mr Kennedy, this fight is goign to be a must see, the back braker, the bomb and the the monster all in the same ring. And talking about monsters....

Kane, the big red machine, he is going 1 on 1 against The fighting irishman Finaly, a few weeks ago finaly poored a hot drink on Kane by accident, and well, Kane has not forgot. All bets and grudes wil be settled when that bell rings 3 times tonight.

To all red blooded males, you ever wanted to see lots of Bueatiful girls and fighting each other and not wearing alot in the process ? well Summer Slam is the place to be, every diva from Raw, Smackdown and ECW in one ring to fight for a title shot against the current womens champion.

ECW is gettnig its mark on Summer slam as always, Jonny Nitro, oops i mean the current ECW champion John morrison squaring off with the stright edge hard core, CM punk. My bet is on CM punk to take this title away tongiht, he has all the aspecs of a champion.

Thats my thoghts on summer slam, if you dont liek wrestling and thinking about posting, PLEASE DONT.

Take Care, Vix

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