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Ufo sighting in Parma, Italy

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posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 10:49 AM
reply to post by internos

Mandami un U2U con un indirizzo email, continuo a non poterti rispondere qui perchè non ho abbastanza post!

posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 10:52 AM
Si la tua ricostruzione è molto fedele, forse Marano è troppo lontano e le ultime luci che si vedono son quelle di Basilicanova, stiamo guardando e riguardando il filmato io e un mio amico...
Per il filmato durante il giorno non ci sono problemi, appena ho tempo vado a farlo!

posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 10:59 AM

Originally posted by wildone106
Yea I know, on another video of a UFO over California the skeptics where decrying it as "battle flares" being shot out of a chopper..they just take
any excuse & twist it to fit their hypothesis, its as bad as claiming its a UFO outright too...

Wildone, now we're doing some searches about the base near Parma;
yesterday some people who lives there, told me that does not exist, and that the website from which i took the list i published in the first page of the thread, made some mistakes. It means that maybe, the nearest air base is Aviano.

In this case, IMHO, it looks strange that they do a training operation over an already enlightened town, 220 miles far from Aviano: there is nothing ellse in the sky that looks like a plane or helicopter (which presence, moreover, has already been excluded): just those four white dots
, nothing else...

posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 11:08 AM

Nerone wrote:
Your last picture about the distance looks to be correct.
I've just some doubts about Marano, and the lights that we see in the video could be the ones of Basilicanova. We're watching the video again, me and a friend 'o mine...
I'll go to film again from the location with daylight once i'll have the time.

Grazie Nerone: allora, il problema che c'è da superare ora è quello dell'ipotesi (secondo me molto remota) che si tratti di particolari torce militari lanciate da un aereo. La presenza di aerei è stata smentita più volte, ma abbiamo bisogno di sapere:
1) Se l'assenza di velivoli, come detto dallo scienziato, è stata esclusa
2) se la base a san damiano effettivamente non esiste.
Se accertiamo queste due cose, rimarrebbe sono la spiegazione ufo, a meno che non stia dimenticando qualcosa, perchè 350 chilometri da Aviano per buttare quattro torce mi sembra un idea folle.
Tu cosa sai in merito?

Translation (attempt):
Thank you Nerone: well now we are facing the hypotesis of the flares dropped by some plane: so we need to know:
1) If the absence of helicopters and planes has been officially confirmed, as stated the scientist who is investigating,
2) If the supposed air base located in san damiano does not exists (as the last infos reported)
Do you know something about?

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posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 01:20 PM

Originally posted by Starwatcher

They go out in the way they appear? Well that doesn't explain the odd way that they appear. One would think a plane dropping flares they would light up 1-2-3-4. Well these do something completely different, they light up 1-3-4 then 2 shows up in the middle of 2 previously lit orbs. I think this fact alone rules out flares.

Not so fast. There *may* have been more than one plane involved.

Also the size, these appear much bigger than flares, also no visible smoke. Another tidbit, why the hell would they only release 4 flares and do this around populated areas.

Well, we do not know exactly how far these things are from the viewer. All we have are guesses. After all, flare drops on the Goldwater Range in Arizona can be well seen from the Phoenix area about 100 miles away!

We're getting good info on the location/direction on the first video. If we can get similar info from another source we can triangulate an exact location.

You're doing a great job, internos! Our man in Italy!

It is interesting to note that the first video is looking towards the Northeast and Parma is not seen. I had been assuming the video was looking South. Knowing this, we can say the video is looking towards Aviano Air Base about 150 miles distant. Given this I just sent an email to the public affairs office there asking for any information they can provide. We'll see.

Great thread!

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posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 02:11 PM
First of all Great work infernos. I'm sure many , including myself, appreciate all the effort you put into researching this, taking stills from video and uploading them, makeing maps so we can get a better understanding of the distances involved, and not to mention contacting the actual cameraman, and getting his testimony to boot.

Thank you for all of this.

It seems as though you've come to the conclusion --at least in you last map-- that the distance between camera man and object is just over 6 miles, or 6.2 miles to be more precise. With the objects hovering a bit over 10,oooft. 2 miles I belive you said.

This definitley supports the flare theory unfortunatly

Because at 15 miles I dount illumination flares would appear that big, again though if the cameraman was to zoom in on them he could make them appear bigger/brighter, but, most of the video clip was filmed all the was zoomed back away from the objects.

So in my conclusion, and once again I have no expertise in this field, is that I'm leaning toward flares. If your research had come back with a distance of 20 miles between camera, and objects, my conclusion might very well be different, since The brightness and size of the objects in question would seem a bit too bright and large to be conventional flares at a far distaance.

Either way I look forward to continue checking this thread and seeing what other amazing information you can dig up.

btw: (Infernos). Have you ever thought of becomeing a bonafied reporter, or researcher of some-type? You seem to have a good grasp on getting information quickly, and then showing it in a medium that a lay-person such as myself can understand easily. Sorry if I've insulted you in anyway, for all I know you could be a physics proffessor or what have you, hehe. I was just saying you have a good eye for reporting information quickly, and matter of factly. Without even really comeing across as a skeptic, or a believer. Very rare these days.

It was just a thought that popped into my mind just as i was finishing typing the post. No insult intended at all. It was meant as a compliment.

posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 02:21 PM
reply to post by internos

Internos here is the original link from 2005 on those "lights" ..Cheers

posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 05:08 PM

Originally posted by The Coward
Could this be the beginning of that Mass UFO landing august 28th???
I don't believe it is, but it would be cool if it was.
Ok.... Now let me get back to reality!
These really are good videos and pics. I wonder if anymore videos will be coming out soon?
[edit on 27-8-2007 by The Coward]

I don't know about the landing on August 28, but last night, I had one of those almost real UFO dream. It had been a while since I haven't had one this intense...there were man made discs and UFO patrols and trails all over the was mad lol.

Concerning Parma, when I was younger, I witness the same pinkish UFO color in canada. There was only one ball involved and it pulsed for half an hour.

posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 05:39 PM

Originally posted by Nola213
First of all Great work infernos. I'm sure many , including myself, appreciate all the effort you put into researching this, taking stills from was meant as a compliment.

Firts of all, thank you for your interesting analisys: i find them interesting and pragmatic: and tank you for the nice words about me.
IMHO, there's still to do here.
We miss the exact data about the distances but, most important, we still haven't esteeemed exactly the size of the objects: there's still a margin that let us retain that we don't know exactly nor aprox. the size of the objects. All the distances you have seen so far, are rounded down, because i'm used to do so: is the only way to avoid "bad surprises".
For example:
Now we're guessing that six miles is the distance, but for "distance" we are meaning the place most far of all the enlightened ones.

This means that we are calculating the least distances, also
"?>6 miles" where we have to determine which number to put at the place of "?". Once we have done it, still we have nothing of conclusive.
We still miss a computation distance/appearance based. Remember: we're talking about object sized as this "o" , and where a milimeter of difference could mean feet. IMHO, moreover, we still miss a pic or movie of this flares, just to comparate them. This is essential in order to debunk them as flare: substantially, i'm still waiting to see a movie in which are visible the flares, to comparate behaviours and sizes, and moreover, to see if in a sky range so big the planes or helicopters which dropped them are UNvisibe, as in this case.
Moreover, remember that the scientist who is investigating, has already excluded the presence of planes and helicopter; if he said, during an interview, that we can exclude them, this simply means that he bases this statement upon some data (i hope) as radars recording, and probably he has already crossed the data of more radars. This means that we still have to know, if they're flares, WHO dropped them, or if the USAF has developed a new kind of brainy flares, so brainy to be able to take position everyone of them at his right place in different moments.
What i mean is that if we want confirm them as UFO we have to exclude everything else, if we want to confirm them as flares, we need at least some computation and some way to compare them: not less of this, that is the "minimum". And still we haven't talked about all the other sightings of spheres in the days before, under the daylight: spheres that were FLYING, not just overing nor hanging.
Of course, nothing of conclusive has been done, this means that i have to
do a better work: it doesn't matter if to discover they're flares or UFOs.
Thank you again.

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posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 06:29 PM

Originally posted by IAttackPeople

Not so fast. There *may* have been more than one plane involved.
We're getting good info on the location/direction on the first video. If we can get similar info from another source we can triangulate an exact location.

Well, IAttackPeople: i agree. Nerone, the cameraman, will get to the same place from which he filmed the "ufos or flares or whatever they are" under the daylight. It could be useful in order to identify exathly what are the lights at the bottom-left of the vid.
Now IMHO we should contact someone who is able provide us data about radars, but of course, civilian ones. So far the USAF hasn't talked about it: why they didn't statements nor press conference? Usually, they fond quickly explanations for this kind of phenomena. I don't know what this silence means, but of course, we cannot surrender to the hypotesis based upon the simply existence of a particular kinf of flares that "maybe" coul have the same behaviour once in the sky. IMHO, we still have't found something of really conclusive, but of course this is just my opinion.

posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 06:34 PM
I used one of the first frames with the first light and one of the last frames where the first light is visible and the first light drops a little and moves a little to the left (and the camera rotates a little clockwise).

PS: Bravi, ragazzi.

Luckily, Italian and Portuguese are sufficientely close for me to understand it without translation, but not close enough for me to try to write it.

posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 06:40 PM
Do we know of another picture/video to establish a second point of reference? If so, we can combine that with Nerone's position to know where the lights were.

That would be good to know.

posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 06:51 PM
reply to post by IAttackPeople

So far, we have just this, but i hope to find more pics too:

This seems to be filmed with a phone cell or a small camera...

And this pic regards your previous question about Aviano position:

Honestly, we could include Aviano in the visibility range of the firs vid, but what about the second one, in your opinion?

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posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 08:03 PM
reply to post by internos

Do you know anything about the location and direction of the "San Lorenzo" video?

posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 08:07 PM
reply to post by IAttackPeople

"San Lorenzo"
Is called so 10th Augusts day, in Italy (in the calendar is the name of the saint for that day: for every day, ther's a saint's name). I sent a PM to Nerone in order to know exactly the location, of course (he knows the person who filmed).

Edit: in the tags there's written "corcagnano". I'm taking a look on Google earth...found.

But we stil need confirmation. It's possible, IMO: it appears to be on the left of the first vid.
The reason because of they appears smaller, could be because of a different camera/different zoom...

[edit on 28/8/2007 by internos]

posted on Aug, 29 2007 @ 01:28 AM
Ciao, in base alle tue domande ti posso dire con assoluta certezza (dopo essermi anche sentito con chi era con me quella sera) che di velivoli Durante e Dopo l'apparizione delle luci non ce n'erano. Ricordo bene che siamo stati a guardarci intorno per diversi minuti senza vedere più nulla di strano ne di convenzionale.
Prima della loro apparizione sinceramente c'ho fatto meno caso e non ricordo ma non credo comunque.
Sulla questione della base di S.Damiano su Internet si trovano informazioni ma nessuno nella nostra zona la conosce con certezza.

posted on Aug, 29 2007 @ 03:34 AM
Nerone wrote:
I can say that we are absolutely sure to haven't seen nor heard planes before and after the sighting (i asked to other witnesses too). We watched the sky for several minutes but there was noting there. About San Damiano base, so far what i know is that you can find on the internet, but no one who lives here knows it for sure.

About this video, today Nerone wrote me a PM on YT: it have been caught
in the area between Panocchia and Vigatto. The girl who filmed it is his cuisin.

The map of the cameramen's positions (confirmed) is the following:

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posted on Aug, 29 2007 @ 05:05 AM
Sorry I'm at work and haven't read the whole thread and have missed the middle section...

I just want to add, yes they do look like flares but EVERY flare I have seen has a little parachute attached to it to slow its decent and its heavily effected by wind AND leaves a smoke trail when decending...

Have these areas been addressed yet? Again, sry but I dont have the time right now to back check.

posted on Aug, 29 2007 @ 05:52 AM
Francesco, the Admin of, (GRAZIE FRANCESCO!!!)
kindly sent an email to the biologist who leaded the first investigations,
dr. Giorgio Pattera:

Here's his answer:

Caro Francesco, l'unico aggancio che avevo era l'uomo-radar (ora in pensione) dell'Aeroporto, quando ancora si chiamava Natale Palli. Ora non ci provo nemmeno, perché conosco già la risposta (=no comment). Tuttavia: le torce al magnesio, se i miei 40 anni di chimica non sono stati inutili, hanno colorazione argentata e non rossa; non capisco
l'utilità di lanciarne addirittura 4, su un territorio molto circoscritto, ad intervalli regolari l'una dall'altra (ho testimoni oculari); anche in assenza di vento, le suddette torce non possono rimanere immobili e tutte alla stessa altezza, come unite da un filo invisibile, per almeno 4 minuti (ho testimoni oculari); tutti i testimoni asseriscono di non aver notato alcuna traccia proveniente dal suolo (per chi sospettasse fasci laser). Questo è quanto. Sono stato intervistato via telefono (ero al mare) da "L'Informazione",
che vi ha dedicato una pagina intera il 23/8: te la allego. C'è un errore di fonetica (il cell. non aveva molto campo): è Stratford e non Standford. Ora sto preparando un pezzo per la "Gazzetta". Se ti occorre qualcos'altro, resto a disposizione.
Saluti da Giorgio

Dear Francesco, the only person i know about the radars is a friend o' mine, that has already retired, i know him since the airport was called "Natale Palli". Now, is useless to try to contact them because we already know the answer in advance (no comment). However: the magnesium flares, if i'm correct, and if my 40 years studing chemystry haven't been totally useless, have a silver like color; the ones of Parma were clearly RED. Moreover, i don't understand the meaning to drop even four of them, at perfectly regular break each one from each other (i have eye witnesses) over a so circumscribed area. Even in absence of wind, the flares which we're talking about, can't still perfectly for at least four minutes at exactly the same altitude, as if they were joyned by an invisible rope; moreover, no one of the witnesses noticed movements on the ground: (if someone thinks they were laser-projected).
BTW, in the article ther's a phonetical mistake (i was talking by phone with the journalist); the location of the english site i was talking about was Stratford instead of Stanford. There's an interview on a local newspaper (that i've already quoted on page #1 of this thread)
Now i'm writing an article for the Gazzetta (a newspaper) .
If you'd need something else, i'm at disposal
Best regards,

Dr. Giorgio Pattera


Recent sightings in the same area:







Here's a map with the most recent sightings in the area:

Detailed map

I got some news about San Damiano base:
is a military airport of the italian Air Force located in San Damiano near Piacenza, instead of Monte San Damiano near Parma. I don't know if the USAF is "hosted" there...

Some urls with planes pics that have been taken there:




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posted on Aug, 29 2007 @ 09:13 AM

Originally posted by internos
Nerone wrote:
I can say that we are absolutely sure to haven't seen nor heard planes before and after the sighting (i asked to other witnesses too). We watched the sky for several minutes but there was noting there. About San Damiano base, so far what i know is that you can find on the internet, but no one who lives here knows it for sure.

So we have someone confirm that there were no planes/choppers around. Its a positive.
Now I'm waiting for someone to come and explain the no-smoke flare. Is there such a thing? If not, this will be another positive.
Personally, I can't buy the Mg flare theory because, firstly, its flame is bluish-white in color (as someone already said above) and second, even Mg would emit a lot of fumes when burning.

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