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Reading the Book.

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posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 07:15 AM
while a few years ago, in lost periods, I bought the Book known as the Bible. It has helped me in such ways as gaining insight and being put in power of myself. Through powerfull dreams that came up by reading it, I gained ('sense of self') and determination.

As recently, I have read the Revelations of John.

'miraculously' I experienced a live and powerfull dream in which I was somehow brought up to a consciousness, a level of awereness greater than any understanding. Living further after these message in dream, will in the end put me in 'freedom' under His will.

I can only advise those in search to pick up this book and make your way through it.

this is a sincere message from me to you.

I hope, in your hearts, I will be appreciated for my contribution.


your messenger.

posted on Aug, 30 2007 @ 06:50 AM
I'll tell you about that dream.

It started with this;

I was sitting in my room, somehow a weird position as if you were to sit on a chair but without a chair, this against my wall next to the door and only with my right side of my back against it, somehow a weird position as suddenly.. the room and all surrounding started to vibrate as to shake deliberetly. A little anxious as I was from this trembling I shifted up out into the athmosphere high above the clouds space with me seeing the this planet going from under my feet. ..

I ended in a surrounding I cannot exactly describe, but there were five friends of mine. I saw as how they truly are. One of them was somehow in an ackward position and I was given the chance to help him out of it. Then this dream ended.

I admit, I did not have such a LIVE and insightfull dream as then. Insightfull as to how I have seen how my friends are in this reality. I can only talk about it but the experience I had have was extraordinary.

as in the end of the dream I was somehow in this LIVE mood as I was still aware I was dreaming and fully in notice of my body. Like two seperate worlds apart as if these exist seperatly, I have to make my conclusions out of that one just yet.

I believe one day this other 'realm' integrates in this world.

The kingdom of God is there and we are in the awaiting of it's arrival!

Not just yet, not just yet, my friends! But I am assured of it it will surely do!

my greetings-----

posted on Aug, 30 2007 @ 07:19 AM
what happens on the real plane has its cores in invisible dimensions. Universal reality is more than meets the eye. This is the heart of all sacred teachings and mystery disciplines, and it is the key to understanding what actually happens on the stage of today world changes.

Here in our planet, in a unique comprehensive compilation of a body of knowledge, you have got to know what the world looks like when seen from this mystic perspective. Day by day, you will unfold striking insights into the out of sight magnitude of the universal divinity, joy, pain, suffering and the ongoing transformation. The sections of your entire life will be put together to reveal an exciting unsuspected definition of your soul.

Ancient knowledge (Bible) and new revelations bring collectively the irrefutable meaning of the symbolism of light and shadows. Soon the ideology of the dark side will be in plain site for every one to choose...what will you choose?
Thank you for sharing your dream.


posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 10:58 AM
thank You! for the respectfull contribution, my friends.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 06:38 PM
The Bible is an excellent book. The wisdom of Jesus is quite broad and insightful into the notion of God and into understanding what he wants.

Most people get trapped in the Bible. They start using it as a, well, Bible. They take what Jesus says to be the end-all-be-all and when it fails them, they discard it. They are incapable of making rational decisions.

The Bible is the origin of strict "spiritual no-no's" but very few people follow it to the letter on other matters (these days at least). If they did they may just as well be miss led in over utilizing the Bible.

The denominations of religion result in very hardened opinions and beliefs that are held partly for the purpose of retaining the denomination. This results in very closed mindedness.

And following in suit, Religion's tend to deny eachother. God, we must not forget, is a very real entity -- by definition. No religion is correct unless in conforms to God. That conformity is the inverse of denomination.

The Jews are a race of people. Whether or not they are the chosen people or not is an issue. Clearly if one is not a Jew, Judaism is not their Religion. This is conflicted with Jesus claiming his followers, Jew and Gentile, are the new kingdom of Israel.


Clearly old Jews and new Jews are not the same. The end of prophesy is not indicated in the Bible. The end of intelligence, knowledge, science, creativity is not indicated in the Bible. In fact it is called for.

Interesting points were brought up. The Bible is so ubiquitous and so broad it can be used almost generically, globally as a decoder for spiritual inquest. What God does in the Bible he can and does do in this world as it is written. The concepts Jesus presents us encompass a great portion of the religio-philosophical mindscape. There is little he does not account for and is correct in what he says.

The anti-Bible is one of the greater problems of today's world. Atheism/anti-religion/anti-Judaism has a strong grip on our society. Society tends to discard the old religion (and for good reason) without replacing it with true God born teaching, even going as far as to deny common sense because it sounds like the Bible. This is a subscription to evil in it's most basic form, in my opinion.


I have witnessed earthquakes, weather phenomenon, sudden death, knowing what another is thinking, dreams that correspond to reality, prior knowledge of events, etc. to name a few (mostly death and destruction, like threats or punishment). It does not necessarily (or even very often) replicate what is in the bible but it does follow the same format:

(assuming there is a god) God>messenger & God>event

where God acts on this world to communicate through a messenger. The messenger could be a person, an animal or event an event that foreshadows. The communication could be explicit or vague. The messenger or message could have several meanings/messages/truths and audiences. It can occur such that no one hears the message except for the messenger.

The Bible is not required to understand God. It is not required to be anything other than a Bible reader. We make the assumption: God does not lie. The Bible contains what are claimed to be truths, laws, history of God. These things were recorded by dead people. If we believe these things we are ready to believe what God tells US.

Honestly, I believe in myself. I have to. I do not deny Jesus. I know what I see however. I know what others have seen, and they have seen enough to know what I am.

The biggest mistake is thinking God cares for everything or anything indiscriminately or for gesture; that God is controlable.

I lit the Bible on fire. I have read it in it's entirety. I do not believe in Heaven but I allow for a Hell. That has kept me morally chaste enough (I am a thinking person). I think the world needs a better guide and wisdom. Providence needs this better guide. What, I don't know.

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