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Gosford Glyphs

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posted on Dec, 25 2007 @ 03:48 PM
I finally got the time to go in search of the Gosford Glyphs with husband and youngest son.

The location is easy to get to just off Woy Woy Rd in Kariong (u2u me if you want directions) and there is no signage indicating that this is on private land, or that one is trespassing. There is a well worn walking trail through a large gate that local council, Rural Fire Service & National Parks & Wildlife use for access into the national park. There are always cars parked at the side of the road and we encountered several people returning as we ventured in.

The area is very bushy with lots of rocky outcrops and overhangs...we did find an arrow carved into a natural rock platform but this was no great help. We searched about an hour before my son eventually located the glyphs between some rocks (that we hasd passed several times) with a small opening between. opinion (for what it is worth) the glyphs are fascinating but fake. Some of the symbols are very modern and I can not accept that an ancient civilisation carved these. Ban the bomb symbols, space shuttles and crude comical representations of male genitalia do not look the least bit Egyptian or Sumerian. Methinks that someone set to work in recent times to have a little fun!! As for the "crypt" this is no more than huge fallen rocks resting against each other in such a way to create a small square like opening that looks somewhat like a shaft...or crypt opening.

Well we had a really pleasant walk in the Aussie bush, saw some fun stuff and spent time together.

My next venture is to check out the AUTHENTIC Aboriginal carvings on the Bulgandry walking trail, these carvings are recorded as being more thans 2000 years old. They are just a little further up the road from the glyph track.

Even though the glyphs are fake, for those that enjoy a bush walk...I recommend it.

take care

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posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 10:16 AM
quick thought here guys.

Everyone is very quick to assume the glyphs are fakes.

1) Additions to the glyphs after they were carved do not discout their validitity.

2) and ost importantly: what if they glyphs are not Egyptian. What if the glyphs were left by a civilization who were merely influenced by the Egpytians?

I mean we simply do not know and can not know who has visited our shores in ancient times, and which other currently unknown civilization may have existed in the past.

The glyphs could be written in a heirogglyphic style that is somewhat different to Egyptians.... Lemurians anyone?

Just a thought

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 01:01 AM
Sorry folks they are well documented fakes , I did a bit of research a while back - results here

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