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The writing on the wall...

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posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 01:37 AM
Your voice is a powerful tool. Many do not realize our potential. In today’s age of sensitivity and political correctness our voices are being silenced, one by one. You may ask why, and I will tell you why. People do not want to speak up anymore because they are afraid to. Opinions are taken out of context all too often, or our statements are over analyzed. A very good example of this is the media’s interpretation. People are followers by majority, and will believe entirely what they hear or read. This begins a movement of fear among the people who have something to say. There is a difference between tasteful and distasteful opinions. Fortunately, most of us know the difference and do not cross that line.
Canada is one of the greatest nations on Earth, and we are taking it for granted. We have a Charter of Rights, which includes freedom of speech. All too often those who speak the truth are punished. This is unethical and defeats the purpose of our Charter. We also enjoy freedoms most other countries could only dream of. Here is a case in point: Anyone who speaks against the Chinese government is dealt with swiftly and harshly. Execution is common. These people rule by fear. There is a case in the news currently that involves Canadians in China.
If we do not begin to speak up in masses, our country will wilt. I believe it has already begun. Government corruption, reckless spending, our faulty judicial system, high taxes, bad medicare and gun control are some of the hot issues. We are in this situation because we have not spoken up loud enough. I can see the writing on the wall and where we could be in 20 years.
I will use the United States as an example, for they are far worse off than we are. U.S. citizens are slowly losing their personal rights and freedoms. The terrorist threat is taking a toll and the Bush administration is clamping down at the cost of their citizens. Under the rules of the Patriot Act, anyone can be detained and / or arrested without a warrant if they are deemed a threat to U.S. security. This covers a very broad spectrum and is very scary indeed. This is the beginning of the end for their free speech. The U.S. government is also trying to implement gun control. If this passes the next item of business is a total gun ban. The right to bear arms is in their constitution, and this is an act of treason by the government. The people should hang Bush
out to dry. My point here is what freedom will be lost next if this one passes? Adolf Hitler was successful in disarming his people. Do you see a pattern forming here? I do not fault the ordinary citizens of the United States one bit. It is the government administration I fault. They are extremely deceitful. I know quite a few good Americans. They are speaking up in critical masses now that their freedoms are in jeopardy.
Americans are our brothers and sisters and we should support them. What happens south of the border can happen here (and it looks like it has started). I am saying we are heading to direction they are going. Having a terror alert scale is the beginning of rule by fear. There are more subtle and effective ways to deal with the threat without worrying the people sick.
Canada is falling apart people. Are we going to take it? Well, this man won’t. We have to raise our voices as one and speak out. Thousands of soldiers died fighting for Canada so we could live the way we do. If they could see our current situation they would weep terribly. This is a democracy, but I view it as more of a socialistic system. The government ignores us and does what it wants. They also have too much control over the system and the people. I'm talking about the post office, railrod, liquor commision, firearms to name a few. Speaking of arrests without warrants; we have this thing called a security certificate (for foreigners). It parallels the Patriot Act. Scary, eh? Speak up now people. Love your country more than yourself.

[edit on 26-8-2007 by aguila]

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