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The NWO, what are their short term aims?

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posted on Dec, 2 2002 @ 11:19 AM
The NWO seems to come in so many different forms that it is hard to form a coherent theory. With flying saucers, shadow governments, the black budget, secret societies and agencies it is hard to piece together something without some part clashing with something else.

To help me to piece together my own theory I would like to know what everyone's broader perspectives are on the NWO's short term aims; as in what their focus is in current events today, and their relationship to the War on Terror.

I know this is a tricky one to answer, but if some people posted a something I would really appreciate it.

Or you could just have a go at me for asking a silly question...

[Edited on 2-12-2002 by Fantastic_Damage]

posted on Dec, 2 2002 @ 12:10 PM
My perspective: It doesn't exist.

It's a catchphrase like "the 20th century", frequently used, but implying no organization (all those corporations that were the "20th century" (like the beer, Dos Equis... yes, that's really what the 2 X's stand for) were not in collusion and "20th century" anything didn't mean a pile of beans.

There's no such beastie.

I do see the world moving toward a "Star Trek" like system, where there's a unified world council and easy access to other nations. I see it as a part of natural societial growth (just as we grew from little city-states into larger nations) that will keep us all from blowing each other off the face of the planet.

Citizens (historically) gained more than they lost when their towns became part of a larger city-state and when city-states became nations. Greater strides in justice and equality were made as areas came together.

So there. Longwinded answer. "Doesn't exist, but we will end up with a unified world which will do us all good in the future."

posted on Dec, 13 2002 @ 06:52 AM

posted on Dec, 22 2002 @ 03:04 PM
short term is bringing up socalist governments in every country to accomplish there goals of anti or a universal religion etc etc

posted on Dec, 23 2002 @ 01:21 PM

Originally posted by f16falcon
short term is bringing up socalist governments in every country to accomplish there goals of anti or a universal religion etc etc

hehe... socialists are against the new world order.
why do you think there are so many comrades at the anti-globalization demonstrations?

although, it is true that socialism works on a global scale... the new world order is an idea of the capitalists.

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