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Decontamination Handling uncooperative victims

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posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 10:38 PM
What are your guys thoughts on this? with this procedure will they force unsafe vaccines, microchip etc.. Seems to me they are training people to handle us like cattle, and I question what they do with their forced "decontamination" because I don’t trust often what they say for us to do for our own good or safety.. especially giving up civil rights liberties ,and all this stuff about bid flu seems pretty shady soo I find the procedure below questionable and a bit alarming.. I certainly wouldn’t so easily allow myself and family to be separated and out and stripped naked and subjected to whatever treatment they deem is in my best interest without question, but through brute force..

Handling uncooperative victims

One of the elements that separates a drill from a real-life situation is dealing with panicked or uncooperative victims.

In a real attack, the perpetrators may be among the victims, or that some of the victims may be in possession of contraband, or of evidence that might help law enforcement in solving the crime.

Another consideration is that some of the perpetrator victims might refuse to go through decon because this would result in discovery of the contraband they may be hiding.

For example, a person with explosives strapped to his or her body, under their clothing, would likely not be so willing to take it off. Such a victim might try to escape, and need to be restrained for decon.

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