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God;s dictatorship

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posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 05:51 PM
Your right PureET, because we are all so easily manipulated by those with power and authority. We truly are our own worst enemy. The main reason people blame GOD is because it's his creation and therefore GOD must be held accountable or be responsible for everything bad that happens in our life's.

I personally dont believe in an interventionist GOD. Yes I believe there is a creator or something bigger than ourselves which we are all apart of, but it exists outside our reality. That still hasn't stopped me cursing GOD when something bad happens in my life though.
Something nearly all of us are guilty of I bet.

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posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 06:25 PM
reply to post by mr-lizard

What I don't understand is why God has made it so easy for one human to kill another.

This age is to see who we will follow, Satan or God. It is spiritual warfare. It will not be a peaceful world until Christ returns and Satan is locked away for the millennium. Don't blame the evil on God. We allow it to continue.

It seems to be worse now because we are nearing the end. It is written and it is happening as written.

Now, how can a God allow this to happen if supposedly he is a merciful and loving god? ...Why would god allow this to happen?

He is merciful and He is loving but there are big "If's" attached to His promises. They aren't difficult but they are there.

Free will? If so then that proves that it is in our nature or our programming to kill... For instance I imagine 99% of people on this forum would attack a known child molestor who had broken into your kids bedroom. What if you killed him?

Of course I would kill him, gladly kill him, happily kill him, never think twice about killing him.

Who is the bad person? You or the molestor? After all you would be the killer, but you would be the one acting in defence of an innocent..

The molestor is the bad person. How could you question that?

Okay, maybe I'm going off track a little, but surely if God really existed, wouldn't he change our coding to spare the innocent or is God not as merciful as we make him/her/it out ot be?

He is merciful but He is not a powderpuff. When Christ returns it isn't as a newborn but riding a white steed and brandishing a sword.

Evil will be done away with - until then, we do what we can to stop it.

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