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2100 The END TIME ?? **The Time River Theory (TRT) **

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posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 04:16 PM
Hi all,

After using the search function I could only find two non answered threads about this dating back to 2003 and 2004.

Is time a river or is a river time? The Nile or denial

It seems that the earth has clues embedded within its geography, specifically major rivers, that speak to us through the universal language of mathematics. Goro Adachi has discovered a template that has decoded the numbers and in effect tells us where we've come from, are and where we are possibly headed.

He makes all the interconnections from ancient Sumeria, ancient Egypt, Eastern mysticism, astrology, astronomy, Greco/Roman mythology, geography, the Bible, the planet Mars and even the Knights Templar!

The author's whole basis is on mathematical measurements that any reader can verify with their own map and/or atlas.
Coincidence? Maybe, but after 250 pages of consistent "coincidences" even the

Decide for yourself

It´s a theory from the author Goro Adachi

Website :

I check the free Etemenanki website daily to see if has new updates. (everyone should bookmark)

What Is the ‘Time River Theory’?

It’s about the discovery of an astounding system of literal ‘rivers of time’, which may even be described as the ‘fingerprints of the gods’. It is a planetary ‘Rosetta Stone’ for decoding history or even ‘reality’ itself. Sounds overly grandiose? Yes, but it’s not necessarily an exaggeration given the nature of the discovery

On the link I provided you can read a small introduction of the book.

This website made a review about the book

His conclusion:

The theory, based on what I have analyzed so far, seems valid. The only concern raised is not with the evidence itself, so much as the implications, again. Specifically, the end date for the Nile timeline is apparently set at approximately 2100. This is troubling for a number of reasons. First, let it be clear that the Mayan calendar and the 2012 date is clearly significant and has been recognized as such for quite some time. The main debate seems to center around the prophecy about what will occur.

As I said i have been checking his Etemenanki a long time now and he has a lot free articles up there.
At first I used to to think that guy is insane but he connects the dots in a esoteric and synchromystic special way as only he is able too.

Please review his free available work and tell me your thoughts.

Nando out!

[edit on 8/25/2007 by PPLwakeUP]

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 06:40 PM
Hi all,

Noone interested?

Ok here is another review by

The Time Rivers – Goro Adachi. The premise of this book is that the Nile River (and possibly the Mississippi and Amazon) were artificially created and not natural in their placement and evolution. I really enjoyed this book once it got going towards the end where it digs into the mathematical properties of the Nile’s geographic placement. Math phobes need not worry though, anybody can follow along. I also enjoyed the bits about the esoteric/Masonic ritual encoded within NASA’s launches and landings. Goro is another researcher ignored by academia – and partly I can understand why.

I love this review

"...Man, this is mind-blowing stuff!!!!! At the same time it isn't because some of us always suspected there was more to the story of world history. Apparently you were the one picked to deliver this info so "Go, Man, Go!!" The average person??? Forget 'rocking their world' as you'll disintegrate it... If ever there was a red pill than this is it."

Anyone here on ATS read the book?

Nando out!

Nando out

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 08:26 PM
Wow, this is really kool, Egypt is full of secrets and magic, but i am a little skeptical here because a river is not man made, is just a natural thing, i am a atheist so i dont buy god did it, but still nice find thx for taking time to make this post.

dont let my skepticism let u down, nobody really knows so, maybe u have something here

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 08:32 PM
Hi M8

thanks for your comment.

I still havent read the book but from what i understand is that Aliens/Entity made the Nile as an independent intelligent thing definatly not manmade.

When you have the time check Goros work that guy might be an alien he sees conspiracies in everything
but he is freaking right a lot of the times.
He makes predictions and stuff.

I hope we can discuss this more
And its not knew theory it has been around since 2002 I believe.

I would love to have acces to his STRUG club but i hate to pay $$ for information.But I understand from his POV.

Nando out!

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 08:39 PM

Originally posted by PPLwakeUP
Hi M8

thanks for your comment.

I still havent read the book but from what i understand is that Aliens/Entity made the Nile as an independent intelligent thing definatly not manmade.

When you have the time check Goros work that guy might be an alien he sees conspiracies in everything
but he is freaking right a lot of the times.
He makes predictions and stuff.

I hope we can discuss this more
And its not knew theory it has been around since 2002 I believe.

I would love to have acces to his STRUG club but i hate to pay $$ for information.But I understand from his POV.

Nando out!

hey man if u have to pay is most likely this is a scam, and about the alien stuff, i think we have alot of theories with different dates and stuff, so i dont really know what makes this guy more believable than others,.

also remember our calender is all mess up and bad. it had been change like 1000 times, and i think anyone who base his theories in the Gregorian calender is wrong, and inaccurate
i also really hope we can keep this post alive, is a really kool theory!

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 10:40 PM
I did a check of his data using google earth.

At the 'important' 19.5 and 33 degree juncture that he says points to the bend in the Nile doesn't the Nile is at 19.29 where it crosses the 33 line. If you move to where the 33 and 19.5 actually meet, 26.31 (42 km)miles is in the desert near some hills.

First error, the second is at Cairo which he says the 30 degree line marks where the Delta begins. Not on Google earth. He is off by 2-3 degrees depending on where you want the Delta to begins. Second error

Third error, sorry folks the Orion theory doesn't work

Fourth error the year 2012 has no significant - unless you run your life on the Mayan Calendar.

I can see why he charges money for this, make stuff up and make money on it! A good business plan but lousy science.

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 09:20 AM
I read this book and found it quite amazing, when I googled it I was surprised to find there is no discussion on it other than this site. Whats is especially intriguing for me is the connection with the Great Pyramid having already read many books on its divine message.
Regarding the last post I too checked the 19.5 deg juncture and emailed Goro.

here is his reply just to set things straight.

Ok, I think I know what you did (wrong). You read '19 degrees 30 min' as '19.3', which is incorrect. '30 minutes' equals '0.5'. So '19 deg 30 min' = '19.5 deg'.

So there you go. That IS precise stuff.

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 09:49 AM
are you sure this isnt just an elaborate get rich quick scheme? sounds too interesting and too good to be real.

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 10:06 AM
in fractals , you have a fundimental pattern that repeats with in itself infinitly .

if , with in the god / order there is a set of laws or pattern , in and with in it , the pattern should be found .

I suspect he just found a exsample of the laws expressing the pattern .

the same pattern that can be found n any person , plant or animal .

every where and in everything , this same pattern can be found.

giving it meaning is another thing totaly.

and location changes the expression uniquely .

of course there will be alterations in the expression...

being predictive , I don't beleive it can with precsion .

you can look at your time and school and over lay that to see the pattern your life " wants " to follow , the forces with in you .

but to read in to it and predict your life... that is a reach .

the history of your years in school over laid upon your life will only tell you those internal forces with in you...

the man who knows he "can " live to 100 years old , and did ten school years....

in his fifth school year , he liked the math teacher and was top in his class , he had a best friend , he played in the school base ball team .

at age fifty he was a manager , doing written reports and the top in his feild , he is married , and has an active social life based on his love of sports and going to competitive games games .

but as you look at how he sees his time in school , and what actualy happened , you reolise... great diffrences...
what you also see is ... how he sees it , is what is expressed in his life...

when you do this with hundreds of people , you have to ask yourself.. did the pattern exsist befor the person was in school ?

my answer is yes.

but still the pattern was expressed , and can to a very limited degree predict future patterns ....

why is a river any diffrent from a human beings life.
does a river have a predetermind pattern it seeks .

my answer is... yes it does ... nothing is random .... from the stars in the night sky to the smallest atom...

everything is following a fractal pattern ... and if you look at any completed system , you can see into it a whole , or any part of the whole ....

but you can only see the forces being express'd which are apart of its function .

meaning... seeing a time line in the nile river , is only useful as it applies to the people of the nile , you see them... but not the people of the amazon .... or the mississippi .

looking upon all rivers ever where... you might have a picture of the world... if you could over lay them with precsion ...
by the time you managed the task... just doing the data collection would give the better answer .


good news and bad news
good news , it can be done

bad news , there is never a simple answer or any short cuts

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 07:25 PM
How can you travel into the future if the future hasen't happened yet? All of these big headed scientists are confronted with that question and they create more problems and questions for themselves than they bargained for. They say, Oh well there must parallel worlds or alternative time lines everywhere. Uuuuh, no. Your brain is going into hyperactive and needs to understand the universe is not as complex as a huge PHD question that goes on for miles . It's boring. What are you expecting to find?

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 04:25 PM
I guess I missed this thread when it first came around but I have read the Time Rivers theory. It's interesting, even if unlikely.

I visit the Etemenanki blog frequently. I don't understand a lot of it and some of it I just don't agree with, but it's fascinating nonetheless.

From the site;

A new visitor will be tempted to put Etemenanki into some familiar category - which is fine. Chances are, however, that the realization will soon follow - that it's something different, something hard to categorize. Etemenanki may deal with subjects discussed elsewhere in the vastness of cyberspace, but here the information is processed on a very uniquely and aggressively 'multicontextual' level that set this one apart. (Better or worse - that's up to you to decide.)

Now, make no mistake, any idiot can do 'free association' just as anyone can bang on the keys of the piano. But that's a far cry from actually being able to make harmonious music out of it - be it musical instruments or conceptual associations/coincidences. Some people are just happy to go through or see a non-linear association process; some people see the non-linearity of the process and think it's all just free-association nonsense that excites only the intellectually weak; and then there are those who can detect and process a higher order of coherence that can come out of a certain non-linear, or multicontextual, thinking process. The Etemenanki website will naturally attract the first and the third types of people described, but is really designed for the third.

I guess it would have more credibility to me if part of the site (the juiciest!) wasn't subscription only. To me that just lumps it in with web-bot, earth-files, etc.

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