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introducing: tsmith, scientific thinker...

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posted on Jan, 16 2004 @ 05:32 PM
in the past several weeks or months....
i have not seen this mans' url or links posted anywhere on ats

for a real jungle gym of mental exercises & such, check em out.

*links to 2012, Mayan calendars, Hindu/Vedic cycles, Yugas
*Timewave Predictions, Terrence McKenna, John Major Jenkins,..

?Last Ice Age to 2000 (& beyond) ?

? chinese cycles= 2004 is water + monkey ?


of dosen't take much to Amaze & Bewilder me...
->> just thought i'd share his pages, to them that want to move thru his 'universe' view...

(i think theres 75 pages of STUFF) & then the LINKS

**and to think, i once thought this Tony Smith, could
have been the john titor of time-traveler infamy**
>that is until i followed the thread, here, at ATS<


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