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Interview with Lloyd England in...

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posted on Aug, 24 2007 @ 08:29 PM
CIT presents an interview with taxicab driver Lloyd England in regards to the 9/11 Pentagon attack.

At this point the debate about what happened at the Pentagon boils down to whether you choose to believe the CITGO witnesses or Lloyd.

CIT asks you to make up your own mind but suggests you watch Lloyd's first-hand testimony in this presentation after viewing the testimony from the CITGO witnesses presented in The PentaCon for free on our website:

"The First Known Accomplice"?

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posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 11:24 PM
It seemed like it was hard to get the information straight from Lloyd.. He couldn't remember alot of what happened.. couldn't remember what side he was on when he was carrying the pole..

But the thing to me is, is that he would support the official story and then mix it in with some other thoughts contradicting the official story.

Like, he said that the plane flew over fast.. da dee da dee da da

Then, he was saying how strange it was for this to happen, and that to happen, and how he shook his head and "I coulda sworn" look on his face...

Its odd... but there's gotta be something we are overlooking.. not just on Lloyd, but the whole Pentagon attack itself.

So, so far.. here on this particular forum, we have gotten the eye witnesses near and at the Citgo, the Citgo tape (with our amazing thread on that one, lol.. those were some good times), and Lloyd the Cab Driver's account. (I'm not gonna count the Doubletree, cuz that's not really worth it to me) But I'm trying to put this list to form the plane's path to the Pentagon in that order... I still hope that there is something I can find out about the lightpoles and how they got to their state of being... THAT is my next step.. that is where I put the freeze frame to the Pentagon, to find out what exactly happened to the lightpoles.

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posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 11:39 PM
Lloyd would go back into "I don't remember" mode whenever he was forced to clarify details of things that never happened.

Since day one his story has been that the long pole went "all the way through to the back seat" and was "sticking out over the hood" and that he fell down while removing the pole with help from a silent stranger.

So he sticks to that story.

But this never happened so naturally he doesn't remember details.

His prepared talking points are how "quiet" it was and how he "wonders what happened to the plane".

The story was fabricated for him and it simply doesn't make sense with physical reality.

There is no way his hood would have remained undamaged but regardless there is no way the plane hit the poles because it was north of the citgo.


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