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Anti-bush lyrics edited out of lallapalooza broadcast.

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posted on Aug, 24 2007 @ 11:43 AM
Over the weekend AT&T gave us a glimpse of their plans for the Web when they censored a Pearl Jam performance that didn't meet their standard of "Internet freedom."

During the live Lollapalooza Webcast of a concert by the Seattle-based super-group, the telco giant muted lead singer Eddie Vedder just as he launched into a lyric against President George Bush. The lines -- "George Bush, leave this world alone" and "George Bush find yourself another home" were somehow lost in the mix.

"What happened to us this weekend was a wake up call, and it's about something much bigger than the censorship of a rock band," Pearl Jam band members stated in a release following the incident.


this makes me very angry. the lyrics weren't that bad, and its freedom of speech right? ani political lyrics have mad a lot of hit songs. now i guess we will soon not be able to write songs like this.
you think AT&t is connected? like to the illuminati? who knows.. but, people need to speak up about our freedoms we are losing daily.

posted on Aug, 24 2007 @ 11:58 AM
Maybe they shouldn't have censored it, free speech and all like you said. But don't you think when bands and singers belt out political statements that it looks kind of... stupid?

Who could ever forget the Dixie Chicks fiasco? Regardless of if you agreed with their feelings, the girl still looked like a redneck fool saying what she did in the way she said it.

I mean obviously they're just taking advantage of their celebrity and audience to seek out their own personal agenda and basically tell their fans what to think.

I guess most people don't have a problem with it but me, I want to hear the music, not have their political views shoved down my throat.

Just seems tacky and low class to me.


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