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posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 09:18 PM
Text GreenWell i am been doing magic for almost 6 years and i always wanted to move stuff with my mind, as many do, since i was a kid i always i could do something, so now here i am, from sitting in class am always the kid all the way in the back with a big jacket on and shy, now i entertain a whole audience, but there's nothing that i love more to learn to do magic without a trick, i always stare at stuff to make them float (Of course i already do that, with invisible thread lol, you get that at if you want) and i agree with the other guy on top, you can't wake up one day and have all the powers like hollywood want you to believe, thing is we can just stare at it and think this cannot happen because many many many scientists tried, and they are offering i think 100.000 dollars to anyone who can do a such thing and prove it, they'll check your hands and every possible way you could do any tricks, if anyone could truly do such thing gets that amount of money and maybe more, but so far no one came up (AND THAT GOES TO PSYCHICS TO OR PEOPLE WHO READ MINDS) so maybe it can't happen, or maybe can but people don't want to share it


what i believe is when we die we don't go to hell or heaven, i don't believe in god, i believe we wake up in another planet, and this is all a dream, just like when you have a dream and you dream you get on the building with your lover or whoever and you suddenly fall down, and in half way, you don't even finish the dream you wake up. same as when you shoot your self, you wake up,jump down a building you wake up (DO NOT DO THIS HAHAHA) am not saying go ahead and do it enjoy life, but am just saying maybe thats what happens when you die, but no one knows, some people claim they know from the bible,koran,and other books, but i think they're fake, SO back to the point, if there is no god,and we're in a dream, maybe just think about it, just maybe theirs a glitch.. it sounds dumb but think about it. i've been thinking about this for years, maybe not as in hollywood movies they show you, some kid sitting in school staring at his pencil and it starts moving, maybe there is a way, and i truly do believe there is..but again if you found a way i know you wouldn't tell me, no one, they just keep it a secret, so am hoping that's why no one came to prove they can do such thing for that amount of money, i really do, and i really wanna see someone who could do this stuff

also try to find another way instead of wasting your life staring at a pencil/pen/marker and stuff, thats in all hollywood movies, figure out something eles

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