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To all the 9/11 conspiracy theorists...

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posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 10:28 AM

JProphet420: They cannot give an intelligent explanation for the dustification of the steel core columns. If they had to admit that no gravity driven collapse could possibly account for the almost unbelievable energy required to turn steel into dust, then they would be hard pressed to try and get suckers to believe the OFFICIAL LIE.

Thank you. I have said it before and ill continue to say it as long as I remain free, thats the problem. We dont hold the burden of proof that any single conspiracy be proven, we only require enough information to debubnk the 'official' story. I feel that that burden has been met and quite frankly No one has shown me evidence to the contrary, and i have searched and searched and searched.

posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 10:58 AM

Originally posted by Nunny
This is from TIME magazine. If you believe a laser, or bomb brought down the towers, how do you explain this?

At 10:04 a.m. on 9/11, after Tower Two had collapsed, a member of the New York Police Department's Aviation Unit warned that the top 15 floors of Tower One were "glowing red" and might collapse. Four minutes later, a helicopter pilot said he did not believe the tower would last much longer.

GLOWING RED! That means the fire from the fuel was weakening the steel. Note I didn't say melted - WEAKENED! THat's all that needs to happen to make a collapse happen. Hmm, crashing at 500 MPH, with 200 TONS of fuel burning constant along with furniture and papers, and breaking a couple of support beams when it enters. YEAH! That would do it!

Can't you people just come together as a nation so we can fight these extemists as a NATION - AS ONE? There are plenty of other conspiracies out there to be concerned about.

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I respect that you found a news article, but I really don't trust any magazine company or main stream news sources when they can't even get the facts straight.

If find it interesting that this story came out 6 years later. So if I worked for the police department and I saw bombs going off, do you think they would print that?

I don't think they would and all it would do is take a phone call from congress or the senate to shut up a news station. Think about the movie "Good Night and Good Luck" and the political pressure CBS had it on years ago when people in the United States who were innocent was being accused of being communist or supporting communism. What a witch hunt that was.

I've seen enough evidence where I already made up my mind and it would be pretty difficult to change it at this point. 911 was an inside job

So there is a story of a police officer seeing it glowing red, I did not see this on film, does he have proof?

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 06:24 PM

Jim Fetzer

Jul 6, 2010

MADISON, Wisconsin -- When I founded Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a loose affiliation of experts and scholars with diverse backgrounds, including faculty in the humanities, the natural sciences, the social sciences, engineers, pilots, and citizens concerned to learn the truth about 9/11 in December 2005, I invited Steve Jones, a professor of physics at BYU, to be my co-chair. The society took off like a rocket and soon had more than 300 members divided in four categories, full members, associate members, student members, and society associates.

Some were rather prominent, including:

* Morgan Reynolds, Texas A & M Professor Emeritus of Economics, the former Chief Economist for the Department of Labor for President George W. Bush, and former Director of the Criminal Justice Center at the National Center for Policy Analysis;

* Wayne Madsen, former officer in the US Navy, consultant to the National Security Agency, senior fellow of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, and today a noted investigative journalist and editor of Wayne Madsen Reports;

* Robert M. Bowman, former Director of the U.S. “Star Wars” Space Defense Program in both Republican and Democratic administrations, a former Air Force Lt. Colonel with 101 combat missions and former Florida congressional candidate;

* Lloyd DeMause, distinguished scholar and Director of The Institute for Psychohistory, President of the International Psycho-historical Association and Editor of The Journal of Psychohistory, who would soon withdraw;

* Andreas Von Buelow, former assistant German defense minister, director of the German Secret Service, minister for research and technology, and member of Parliament for 25 years; and,

* Webster Tarpley, a Princeton graduate and Fulbright Scholar, who is the co-author (with Anton Chaltkin) of George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, and of 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the USA.

James H. Fetzer is also the editor of and the co-editor of He has a blog at

For more,
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posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by Nunny

If those floors were so damned hot, how come people were able to stand in the impact hole very conscious, waving for help. Better yet, why dont you look up footage of the towers prior to collapse and see for yourself what you see?

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