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Evolution Of Countercultures

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posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 12:35 PM
Very interesting find here showing how the countercultures evolution has progressed since 1950's. Also shows how each counterculture group dealt with different stimuli using different methods.

Think for yourself, Question Authority.

Computers will not replace real people.
They will replace middle- and low-level bureaucrats.
They will replace you only to the extent that you use artificial (rather than natural) intelligence in your life and work.
If you think like a bureaucrat, a functionary, a manager, an unquestioning member of a large
organization, or a chess player, beware: You may soon be out-thought!

The "good persons" in the cybernetic society are the intelligent ones who can think for themselves.
The "problem person" in the cybernetic society of the 21st Century is the one who automatically obeys,
who never questions authority, who acts to protect his/her official status,
who placates and politics rather than thinks independently.

It was fourty five years ago that more than four hundred thousand young Americans
spent three days and nights carousing spectacularly at the Woodstock rock festival.
It was simply the biggest and wildest and most influential party in all of history!
If not, please prove me wrong, so that we can learn how to improve.
For one weekend this farm field became the third largest city in New York state...

Intellectual Viewpoint:
Humanist Quotient:
Cosmic View: Cool, laid back.
Artistic, literate, hip. Interested in poetry, drugs, jazz.
Sarcastic, cynical.
Low-tech, but early psychedelic explorers.
Well-informed, skeptical, street-smart.
Tolerant of race and gay rights, but often male chauvinist.
Bohemian, anti-Establishment.
Romantic pessimism, Buddhist cosmology.


Please check it out Here

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